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Tips for Planning a Date in Your Luxury Apartment

Aug 29th, 2013

Life in an upscale downtown apartment affords singles several perks: proximity to first-rate restaurants and nightlife hot spots, state-of-the art fitness facilities, and well-equipped kitchens and atmospheric dining rooms for cooking and entertaining a date at home.  The next time you decide to utilize your apartment’s luxury amenities to entertain a love interest in your pad, prepare yourself for the date with the following luxury apartment date planning tips.

Consider a Theme

Unless you know the person you are entertaining will just love it and it feels right, you probably don’t want to decorate your apartment from floor to ceiling for a themed date.  Integrating a bit of appropriate decor into your dining room’s existing design to tie the food and the atmosphere of your place together, however, can really add to the experience.  For example, incorporating an Italian flag into your centerpiece at a pasta-themed dinner and placing a miniature zen garden water feature in close proximity to a table filled with Chinese or Japanese food can make for a nice touch. A simple centerpiece of fresh wildflowers is a great way to spruce up the atmosphere in your dining room if you are not looking to introduce regional decor into the room’s design for the sake of matching the meal you prepare.


Don’t Forget to Clean

If this is the first time that the person you are dating will see your luxury apartment and you would like for it to make a good impression, then you should definitely take the initiative to clean before the date.  You’ll of course want things to look nice on the surface, but you should take the time to truly clean as well.  Vacuuming, dusting, and disinfecting surfaces in your home can remove allergens from the air, improving air quality and making your luxury apartment more comfortable for both you and your date.

Light Some Candles

Candles are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to enhance the atmosphere of a place.  Light a few candles at the dinner table while you eat and in your living room when you relocate there for a game or movie, and the entire evening will feel more romantic and special.  Be sure to burn candles only in proper candle holders and only when you are in the room with the candles.

Focus on Presentation

The quality of a meal is not typically judged by its presentation alone, but arranging a dish in an artful manner will certainly make an impression on your date.  Strive to incorporate a myriad of colors into your dish, utilizing traditional and nontraditional garnishes and drizzling sauces or dressings to fill empty plate space with colorful zig-zags. Use your finest dishware and real napkins, not paper towels.

Plan an After-Dinner Activity

As you wait for your food to settle after eating, propose a few activities to your date as entertainment options.  A movie and a board game are classic choices that never get old to most of us, but other options include a post-dinner stroll around your luxury apartment community and the surrounding area and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate outside.

Escort Your Date Out

Be a gentleman or gracious hostess and escort your date out to his or her car at the end of the evening.  This is a courtesy that will most likely leave a good impression on your date, as well as those neighbors who like for guests to be escorted on the premises at all times.

Inviting someone you are dating to have dinner at your place for the first time can cause some apprehension and nervousness.  As long as you are organized and do a bit of preparation in advance, however, it should be easy to cook up a five-star meal and put together a fun activity that will impress your date.  Good luck, have fun, and remember that your luxury apartment is a home you can be proud of.

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