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Find the best phone charging cases for iPhone and Android.
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Best Charging Cases for Your iPhone or Android Smartphone

Jan 12th, 2018

The frustration that stems from a low smartphone battery with no charger in sight is all too relatable. It’s also avoidable. Since Apple and Samsung started selling their own smartphone charging cases, it’s been easier to keep your phone charged in perpetuity. Although more expensive than most competitors’ charging cases, Apple and Samsung’s cases are both reliable. Here is a list of other manufacturers’ highly-rated smartphone charging cases. Consider dimensions, weight, charging capacity, price, and protective features when deciding which battery case is right for you.

Cases for Apple and Android

Emtec Power Pouch

One of the more versatile phone charging cases, the Emtec Power Pouch is compatible with Lightning and microUSB chargers. The Power Pouch’s 6,000-mAh battery holds enough juice to fully charge two smartphone batteries. Emtec’s Power Pouch also has two USB ports.

MicroUSB version available from Amazon for 1.98; Lightning version from 1.98

mophie Juice Pack

Another highly-rated charging case with Lightning- and microUSB-compatible versions is mophie’s Juice Pack. The new Juice Pack line features several different battery sizes so you can choose according to your needs. For smartphone users who prefer to leave their charging cables at home, there’s the Juice Pack Wireless.

Amazon sells mophie Juice Pack Lightning models from 7.96; microUSB-compatible models from 9.98; and Wireless charging cases from 2.92

Tylt Energi

Tylt’s sliding power cases pack a battery-charged punch. Something that distinguishes Tylt’s charging cases from others is the option to remove the 3,200-mAh battery pack. This means you can slim down your phone without having to swap out the case for another if you’re going out and don’t need the power.

Available from manufacturer: Lightning model for 9.99; microUSB model 9.99

ZeroLemon Slim

If you don’t mind some bulk, ZeroLemon’s 8,500-mAh battery cases offer more charge than even many charging packs. If you value form and want your smartphone to fit in your pocket, you can still get two full charges from a ZeroLemon Slim Juicer or SlimPower. Another advantage of ZeroLemon’s slim charging cases is their affordability.

4,000-mAh Lightning model available from 9.99; 5,500-mAh microUSB model from 9.99

iPhone only

Anker Ultra Slim

If you like simplicity, you’ll appreciate Anker’s Ultra Slim battery charging cases. True to name, the slim fit of these cases  keeps iPhones manageably sized for pocket storage. Anker’s Apple MFi certified charging cases are affordable, user-friendly, and hold between 2,200mAh and 2,850 mAh of charging capacity.

Available from 9.99 on Amazon

Otterbox Resurgence

Have you used an Otterbox to protect your iPhone before the charging case was even a thing? If so, the Otterbox Resurgence case can provide you with that same durability while charging your phone. As you might expect, the 2,000-mAh battery case is on the bulky side. But it offers some serious drop protection.

Available from manufacturer for 9.95

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