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Indulge yourself with one of these coffee makers that won't break your bottom line.
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Best Coffee Makers Under $250 | AMLI Residential

Sep 1st, 2017

Coffee makers are one of the most ubiquitous kitchen appliances in the country, found in almost every home and office. Even offices without kitchens have coffee makers so workers can stay productive without having to break for coffee runs. If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly coffee maker and find the abundance of choice overwhelming, here’s a list of expert- and consumer-approved models you can count on to deliver that jolt you expect from a cup of freshly brewed jo.

Bonavita BV19OOTS

One of this fast-brewing coffee machine’s greatest selling points is a 1500-watt heater that keeps coffee at its ideal pouring temperature long after it’s brewed. If you drink multiple cups of coffee in the morning and don’t want to choose between guzzling your coffee while it’s warm and reheating, this 8-cup machine is a great choice. The BV1900TS also has a sleek, stainless-steel design well-suited to modern kitchens.

Suggested retail: 89.99

Bunn Velocity Brew BT Thermal Hi Alt

This speedy coffee maker brews 10 cups  of joe in just three minutes. What makes this possible? A large, internal water tank stores water at a brew-ready temperature, eliminating the couple of minutes it takes most machines to heat water before brewing. The Velocity Brew also employs a sprayhead that further speeds up the brewing process.

Suggested retail: 59.99

CHEMEX Handblown Coffee Maker

The classic pour-over method of brewing coffee is making a comeback. And CHEMEX is leading the pack of manufacturers who’ve stepped up to meet heightened demand for pour-over coffee makers. CHEMEX has four series of coffee makers, each with models costing well under 50. The most indulgent is the handblown coffee maker, available in 3-, 5-, 8-, and 13-cup models.

Suggested retail: 1.90 (3-cup) – 10.90 (13-cup)

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit 12-Cup Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is unique in that it doesn’t use a carafe or glass coffee pot. Instead, it stores coffee in a heated, internal tank. When you’re ready to drink a cup or prepare some to-go, place a mug or thermos under the dispenser. The BrewStation Summit also has an easy-to-use iced coffee function.

Suggested retail: 9.99

Keurig 575

This evolved coffee maker is well-suited to those who’ve embraced the “K-cup” model of brewing coffee. Unlike most single-cup pod coffee makers, the 575 is capable of brewing four cups of coffee at once. If you’re hesitant to use coffee pods out of concern for the environment, invest in reusable K-cup filters that let you brew the ground coffee of your choice without feeling guilty about the impact on your carbon footprint.

Suggested retail: 79.99

KitchenAid 12-Cup Coffee Maker

This sleek, family-size coffee maker is as easy to use as any KitchenAid appliance or accessory. Aside from design, a one-touch brewing function and 24-hour programmability make this coffee maker a compelling choice. One of the four colors this machine comes in should work with your apartment’s kitchen.

Suggested retail: 9.99

Ninja Coffee Bar Thermal Carafe System

This multi-function coffee making system does not look like it could cost less than 50, but it does. The Coffee Bar can brew anywhere from one to ten cups of coffee (hot or iced) at once. It also has a built-in frother. If you’re seeking an advanced coffee maker that looks the part but won’t set you back ,000 or more, consider it.

Suggested retail: 29.99

OXO On Barista Brain

OXO entered the coffee maker market only recently, but to great fanfare. The manufacturer’s Barista Brain uses an advanced microprocessor to mimic the pour-over brewing process. You can brew up to nine cups of jo at once with this polished-looking coffee maker.

Suggested retail: 99.99

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