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Childproof Your Apartment Before Holiday Guests Arrive

Dec 21st, 2018

The holidays are quickly approaching, and many of us are making plans to visit family. Or you’re one of the lucky few whose turn it is to welcome loved ones and friends into our homes. If your family and friends have small children, it’s important to get your place ready for a fun and safe stay.

A space that’s not ready for small children to romp around (yes, they definitely will) can be a hazardous environment for them and turn into a headache for you. Fortunately, there are only a few simple steps to take in order to turn your apartment into a child-safe setting. Here are our tips to childproof your apartment before holiday guests arrive.

Rent or borrow needed baby equipment

While you may not have the proper baby equipment of your own, there are many families around your area that are willing to rent or lend you equipment over the holidays. Check out BabyQuip where you can rent exactly what you need for the little ones coming to visit. Enter your city or neighborhood, the dates you need it and rent items by the day such as baby gates, pack n’ plays, cribs and other useful items. This is an easy and affordable way to make sure your apartment is safe and secure. It’s also a nice way to free up space in your guest’s luggage as they won’t need to pack the necessary equipment. Or, you could always try knocking on your neighbors’ door(s).

Create a safe zone

No matter how small your apartment might be, there is always room for a kids area. Even if it’s a corner of your living room, you can still designate the space as a safe haven for little ones to play and explore. Use baby gates to block off certain areas of your apartment and fill the space with toys, coloring books and other fun things to do. The more engaging you can make the space, the more children will enjoy their time being occupied in the safe zone.

Prevent access to cabinets

Babies love to explore by opening up drawers and cabinets located on the floor level. Most of us keep items in these cabinets that are not kid-friendly such as cleaning supplies or kitchen equipment. By simply putting locks on your floor level cabinets, drawers or cupboards it will put your mind at ease that everyone is staying safe. Check out these easy to use sliding cabinet locks.


It’s common sense to clean before guests arrive for the holidays, but it’s even more important when kids are visiting. Toddlers put just about anything in their mouths from toys to furniture to random household items—for better or worse, nothing is off limits. Disinfect your apartment as much as possible to keep germs from spreading. Since the holidays are also a common flu season, it makes disinfecting your home even more important when gathering together with your family and friends.

Move hazardous items up

An easy way to find potential threats is to get down and crawl around your apartment floor. This will put you at a similar eye level as small children and show you exactly what items should be moved. Items like dog bowls, plants, vases or anything else you wouldn’t want kids putting their hands or mouths on should be moved out of reach. You might even find a few dust bunnies to take care of while your crawling on the floor.

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