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Chill Out with These Homemade Boozy Popsicle Recipes

Aug 12th, 2016

Since the boozy popsicle craze arrived, being an adult might just be more fun than ever before. Add some fun to your next poolside weekend or enjoy hero status at your next summer barbecue with a batch of your own alcohol-infused concoctions. Here are 11 recipes to inspire your next frozen creation.

Blueberry basil martini

Fresh basil and blueberries go a long way in making this boozy popsicle irresistible. Fresh lemon juice contributes an additional tang, and vodka gives this boozy pop its punch.

Cucumber gin and tonic

All you need to recreate this summer classic in frozen form is gin, tonic, lime, and cucumber. Naturally sweeten with a bit of agave nectar, if you like.

Dark and stormy

The versatile dark and stormy cocktail is one of those drinks that suits almost all occasions and can be enjoyed in any type of weather. Make it with the cocktail’s classic ingredients, or put this red velvet spin on it with some fresh apricots.

Lemonade moonshine

While we don’t recommend you pick up some actual white lightning (read: moonshine), you might need to do a little research to find the legal kind. Other than that, chances are you have all other ingredients this easy-to-make recipe requires.

Nectarine bellini

All you need to make this frozen delight is a bundle of nectarines and some champagne or sparkling wine. Sugar or another sweetener can be used to suit your taste. If you can’t get your hand on ripe nectarines, peaches will substitute just fine. Alother

Peach sangria

Another great stone fruit boozy popsicle recipe, peach sangria pops give the creative chef considerable autonomy to mix things up as they wish. This recipe calls for peaches, raspberries, white wine, peach schnapps, and sugar.

Piña colada

The only difference between a frozen piña colada and a piña colada popsicle is the consistency of the treat. Just remember that fresh pineapple juice is key. We recommend this recipe to impress guests at a barbecue or pool day.

Strawberry Champagne

This is the perfect Sunday brunch cocktail substitute for a hot summer day. Spend just 10 minutes preparing the day before brunch, and hand these out in lieu of mimosas or Bloody Marys when your guests arrive. Your strawberry Champagne pops are sure to be the subject of much conversation for the rest of the summer.

Vodka gummy bear

It’s hard to enjoy a popsicle without harking back to your childhood days. This recipe allows you to simultaneously embrace your inner child and privileges as an adult. All you need is vodka, gummy bears, and the mixer of your choice.

Watermelon margarita

This Real Simple recipe packs a punch no margarita lover can find fault with. Tequila, fresh lime juice, sugar, and watermelon blend to create a sweet and tangy concoction. Kick things up a notch with a pinch of cayenne pepper, if you and your guests are up for it.

Bacon Bloody Mary

We’ve saved the most involved recipe, and arguably the most daring, on our list for last. If you’re a sucker for Bloody Marys and are feeling adventurous, pick up or make some bacon-infused vodka and give this Thrillist recipe a shot. If you try this one, we’d love to hear how it turns out.

Don’t agonize over what to bring to the next potluck meal on your agenda this summer. Take inventory of your liquor cabinet and fruit stores, and make some boozy popsicles. They’re easy to make, require little time, and are almost certain to be a hit.

Have you made any boozy popsicles this summer? Write about what worked, what didn’t, and your favorite variety in the comments.

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