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The Compact Life: Storage Tips for Small Apartment Dwellers

Apr 13th, 2017

Living in an apartment has its conveniences and living in small spaces can be attractive to some. However, a few might struggle with being able to keep all of their stuff inside their apartment comfortably. For those with a lot of stuff, it takes a lot of organization and some planning to make sure that all of their things fit in their space just right. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to keep all of your possessions and keep the cozy apartment you have or move to a smaller one in a new neighborhood, here is what you can do to ensure that is possible.

Make shelves

When you attach shelves to the walls of an apartment, you have to be careful about the materials that are used as some properties don’t allow large nails. One way that you can add shelving is to use large pebbles or rocks on the floor, building them up so that you can place pieces of wood on them. It gives a natural appearance to the shelving system while giving you a way to store items that you want to display for decoration or that you use on a daily basis, such as toiletries in the bathroom.

Use storage units

There are some apartment complexes that offer small storage closets with apartments. These are typically located to the side of the unit, usually on a deck or out by the parking area. If your unit doesn’t offer this type of storage, then you might want to consider renting a unit, such as those at North Star Mini Storage, until you can find somewhere to put the items that you have. A benefit of using a storage company is that the units are kept clean and climate controlled. You can also add a lock to the unit to keep your items safe and secure.

Hang shoe racks

When you think of a shoe rack, you probably think that it’s something that is only used over the back of a door to hold shoes. This is an option, but if you put the rack in the kitchen inside a pantry, you can store items like packages for cake mixes or biscuit mixes along with other things that will fit on the rack. Another option is to hang a rack in the laundry room to store your dryer sheets or small bottles or detergent. Hats and hair bows can also be stored on a shoe rack to keep them out of the way.

Get plastic boxes

The spaces under the sink and in your closets sometimes gets cluttered, which can take up quite a bit of space. Put cleaning supplies in a plastic box as well as other items that just sit in a cabinet in the bathroom or in the kitchen. When you get everything organized, you’ll see that there is more space available for other items that you need to store.

A small apartment has its advantages as you can spend more time with your friends and family in the home. However, it can often get cramped very quickly, and there’s no room to keep anything organized. With a few simple hacks and tricks, you can use ordinary objects to get your life back on track with storage.

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