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Build your own coffee table using everyday materials with the help of these inspirational designs.
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7 Crafty DIY Coffee Table Ideas

May 5th, 2017

Even if you don’t drink coffee, a coffee table is an essential furnishing for any living room. If you don’t have one or are not keen on the coffee table you have, it’s time to change that. An online browsing session or furniture store visit is likely to take care of this problem. But if you’re crafty and have a few free hours in the near future, you can make one yourself. Here are some simple and creative DIY coffee table ideas to inspire you.

Repurposed Suitcase Coffee Table

If you’re into the hipster aesthetic, this DIY coffee table idea could be great for your apartment. You’ll need a vintage suitcase or briefcase, four old table legs, and some tools. Drill holes into the suitcase, attach the legs, and you’re finished. The storage part of the case can be used for storing bits and bobs you frequently use in the living room but don’t want to display in the open.

Inspired by Woon Blog

Upcycled Door or Window Coffee Table

If you have space in your living room, you can turn an old wooden door or doors into a coffee table. The result will impress almost everyone who sees it, and provide you with ample storage space. It will also provide you with ample storage space. If you have less space, upcycle an old window into a beautiful, transparent coffee table.

Inspired by This Sorta Old Life and Marty’s Musings

Vintage Clock Coffee Table

Another vintage DIY coffee table idea involves mounting a big, old clock on a set of sturdy table legs. A faux vintage clock could also work. And if you have a small stand or crate to use as a bass, the table doesn’t necessarily need legs.

Inspired by My Repurposed Life

Wine Barrel Coffee Table

If you can get your hands on a wine barrel, it can make a great base for a rustic DIY coffee table. This project is more involved than most on this list, but it’s an elegant and versatile furnishing that works with almost any design. Whiskey barrels also work.

Inspired by Luxe Adventure Traveler

Wire Trash Bin Coffee Table

Remember those cheap, metallic trash bins almost everyone had in their college dorm rooms? You might have purchased one in a pinch to have enough waste bins in your apartment after moving in? Maybe you’re still using one. They’re affordable, and they work with most modern aesthetics. Flipped upside down, these bins also work as coffee tables. Paint one of these bins the color of your choice, flip it upside down, and mount a wood slice or slate of stone on top.

Inspired by Twin Dragonfly Designs

Wood Crate Coffee Table

Simple and stylish, this DIY coffee table calls for four wood crates, a piece of plywood, wood staining product, and a few tools. If you’d like for your coffee table to be easily movable, you’ll also need a set of caster wheels. Follow these instructions from, and your finished product will have a natural centerpiece display space fit for a houseplant.

Inspired by My Anything and Everything

Wood Stump Coffee Table

For a stylish coffee table that looks like it’s come straight from a forest, get your hands on a wood stump or part of one. If you choose a relatively thin slice of one, mount it on hairpin legs. If the stump section you have is 12 inches tall or taller, wheels will be a better mounting option. Outdoorsy types and those with carpentry experience can even cut their own slabs of stump. Just be sure to let the stump piece dry for several weeks before you get crafty with it.

Inspired by DIY Network

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