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Creating A Daily Cleaning Routine - AMLI Blog

Mar 6th, 2019

When it comes to cleaning, people love it or hate it. Few times is there any in between. On one hand, you have the people who can’t wait to get home and clean. It serves as a stress reliever, and there’s no better feeling than looking at your sparkling apartment and feeling organized and ready for guests at any given moment. Then there are those who don’t really care. They’re comfortable lounging in the living room as dirty dishes pile up in the sink, or, they don’t really mind the clean laundry they’ve yet to fold sitting idly in their bedroom. If you’re on the messy side of the spectrum and want to make a change, we are here to help. No, we aren’t telling you to go from 0 to 100 and purchase every cleaning product under the sun—however, we can provide you with tips and tricks that you can slowly work into your daily routine. Before you know it, these tasks will become like second nature to you and you’ll feel like a brand new person.

Make your bed

Making your bed is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your day. Your room will look more organized and put together, and if all else goes wrong with your day, at least you’ll have a nicely made bed to come home to. Likewise, most people spend a substantial amount of time in their bedrooms. Whether it’s to study, work or relax—there’s nothing more inviting than a freshly made bed to help in making you feel organized and competent. Once making your bed becomes a habit, which it quickly will seeing as though it’s not a task that takes long to complete, you’ll feel ready to begin adding other small tasks to each day for an overall feeling of accomplishment and increased productivity.

Wipe down your counters

While some may not think wiping down your counters and surface areas should be a daily task, it should—especially in your kitchen. Each time you wipe down your countertops with the proper disinfectant, you’re killing germs and bacteria that could lead to health issues later on down the road. Even if you think a quick wipe away of the crumbs should do the trick—you’d be surprised at how quickly dirt and grime can build up without you properly noticing. Wipe down your table after you’ve finished eating each meal, and be absolutely sure you clean any areas that raw meat, egg or dairy product may have come in contact with.


This often times seems to be the most difficult task for people to tackle. While some can’t stand the feeling of disorganization and extra stuff lying around, others will let their things pile up until it becomes a heaping pile of things that you need to find a spot for. Clutter can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. It can range from your children’s’ toys to the stack of flyers you receive in your mail, or all of those items that you like, but don’t have any need for. There are a lot of quick fixes you can take to simplify these tasks and make your cleaning routine seem like a breeze. For toys? Invest in a large bin or chest that these items can easily be thrown into. A lot of random paper? Create a filing cabinet to sort through it all. All that extra stuff? Donate it, sell it or bring it over to storage until you need it. Once you get your clutter under control, your entire apartment will have an organized and tactful look that you’ll appreciate.

With these short tasks in mind—the idea is to start small. On Monday, start your day off by cleaning your bed. Come Tuesday, make your bed and wipe down your countertops. Wednesday? Start tackling all that clutter. You catch our drift. Adding a simple cleaning task to your daily routine is a guaranteed way to incorporate it into your lifestyle so you will never have to think twice about it again. Once you’ve mastered these tricks, you can begin implementing other cleaning tasks into your routine. In no time at all, you’ll fall in love with cleaning! (Or so you can hope).

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Krystyna is a freelance writer from New Hampshire.

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