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Creative Storage Tips for Small Space Living

Dec 13th, 2013

Apartment living offers loads of benefits, ranging from the maintenance-free enjoyment of  a community’s grounds to living in a prime location that can be matched by few, if any, single-family homes.  One would-be perk that very few apartment dwellers enjoy, however, is an abundance of space.  As IKEA and the world’s modern minimalists have shown us, we don’t need a lot of space to live well.  It’s all about finding the storage tips and tricks that make your small living space feel larger and more comfortable.

Furniture That Doubles as Storage

From hollow ottomans to storage benches to couches that not only fold down into beds but also have storage space for bedding and more, just about any type of furniture you are looking for can be found with built-in storage space.  The brand IKEA was mentioned in the introduction to this blog post because the company, with origins in a country whose capital city is so crammed that having 300 square feet of living space to oneself is considered a luxury, has mastered the art of incorporating hidden storage space into its furniture.

Decorative Storage

Think about the bulkiest items that you have to store in your apartment.  Could any of them actually lend to the atmosphere of a room in your home?  If you have a colorful or vintage bicycle, it could look great hanging up next to the rustic landscape painting you have hanging in your living room.  A collection of books may look great stacked in a nook somewhere that wasn’t designed for the storage of books.  Make more space in your apartment home and less work for you by incorporating this sort of thing into your apartment decor.

Bathroom Storage

A bathroom shouldn’t feel too cramped, but it should have ample storage space for all of your toiletries, cosmetic products, and more.  Narrow wall shelves can fit into relatively small gaps of free space along the wall, and vertical storage is always an option in the bathroom in need be.  If you have a few square feet of free floor space, you can also squeeze a stylish stand-alone storage unit into your bathroom to enhance the way you experience apartment living.

Open Storage

Cabinets made with fine materials look nice, but they can close off a lot of space in a room, making it feel smaller.  When well arranged, items that are stored on an open-faced shelf can look quite attractive.  This storage option can also keep your luxury apartment feeling open and larger than it actually is.

Elevated Storage

The more of your belongings that you can safely and easily store up high in your apartment, the more room for ground storage and play space you will have on the floor.  Stacking storage shelves, bins, and boxes on top of appropriately sized furnishings can make it feel like you have much more space to work with, and can help reduce clutter and improve apartment living as you know it.

Many of AMLI’s luxury apartment homes aren’t really all that small, but making the most of every square foot of space you have to work with is still important.  What clever ways have you come up with to use the space in which you live in your luxury apartment?  Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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