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Decorate for the Holidays
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Decorate for the Holidays Using This One Accent

Dec 7th, 2018

Decorating your apartment for the holidays doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. The simple garland is one of the most versatile decorations because you can use it just about anywhere. Drape it across your mantel, wrap it around railings or lay them across your table in lieu of a table runner. Garland is not only festive, but it doesn’t take up a lot of space, making it the perfect decor for any sized apartment. Here’s how you can decorate for the holidays using this one accent!

Around holiday candles

Create a fun centerpiece or statement display by clustering together a few holiday candles and wrapping them with a garland. Use one candle or many and welcome the holiday smells and sights into your home. This is a stylish, easy addition to any holiday decor you may already have around the room.


Mantels and banisters

One of the easiest ways to use garland is to drape it on your mantel or wrap it going down a banister. If your apartment lacks handrails, use double-sided tape to secure the garland. Consider adding bows or small wreaths for a classic holiday look.


Get creative and make your very own DIY garland. Use items such as red and green cloth, yarn, ornaments, wine corks, paper feathers, pine cones or popcorn. Your local craft store will have a lot of items to customize your decor to fit your taste. The great thing about decorating with garland is that it can be made out of pretty much anything!

Around doors and windows

Using garland to frame your doors and windows can make a big statement. Using garland in this way is fuss-free and completely out of the way, making it great for small spaces. Use wall hooks or nails to hang the garland and hold it in place. Add in a few branches of holly and berries to for a pop of color.

Table runner

Weave garland around the dishes you set out for a potluck or holiday buffet, or even use it as a runner for your dining room table. Creating a Christmas tablescape for all of your holiday dinner parties is that easy. For added color and luxury, tuck a few fresh blooms within the garland to really wow your guests.

Add lights

There is nothing more festive than sparkling lights to decorate your apartment. Weave some string lights within your garland wherever you decide to use it. Having delicate string lights glistening against your garland in the evening hours will bring a touch of warmth and holiday cheer.

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Decorate for the Holidays

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