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DIY Series: My AMLI DIY Contest Winner Spotlight: Jeremy

Jun 18th, 2015

We love our pets. That goes without saying. But it’s not always easy to incorporate their stuff into our homes stylishly, which is why we really appreciate the DIY project we’re spotlighting this month.

If you’ve ever wanted a way to make those pet unattractive food and water bowls fit seamlessly into your decor, our My AMLI DIY contest regional winner, Jeremy, has the perfect solution. And bonus: You’ll gain some much needed storage to stash your furry friend’s treats and toys.

Here’s what he had to say.

What is your design style?

I would best summarize it as industrial/vintage.

How does your project fit in with your design style?

This project was a way to disguise the bland looking doggie bowls with an industrial vintage look while also being functional for the dog.

What were your goals?

I needed something that fit into the decor while also being something that didn’t take up much more space then the previous footprint of the dog bowls on their own. I also wanted a way to organize everything in one convenient place.

What is your favorite element?

Definitely the vintage soda crate. It took a little bit of time to source just the right one that I loved, but I obviously love seeing things get upcycled and repurposed into new creative lives.

What do your friends say?

Friends haven’t said too much honestly—maybe my goal of having it fit into the decor worked too well?!

What was your biggest challenge when building your project?

Figuring out what type of material to use for the top. I originally used a cheaper MDF-type board that I waterproofed, but I want to recreate this project with some enhancements and will be looking for a more durable material for the top.

What’s your best advice for other DIYers?

Start off with small projects and build up your confidence in tackling bigger and bigger ones. I’ve been guilty myself of seeing something cool online or on TV that I want to duplicate – I get all of the materials gathered up and then feel overwhelmed on where to get started because there are so many pieces to the project. Be kind to yourself when you make mistakes as DIYing is all about experimentation and trying new things. And most importantly have fun and involve friends and family in your DIYing whenever possible!

Stay tuned to the AMLI Blog as our DIY Series continues in July.

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