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Eight Seattle Burger Joints Worth Your Buck
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Eight Seattle Burger Joints Worth Your Buck

Apr 1st, 2015

What’s better than biting into a juicy, tasty, beefy burger? For some of us, biting into a tender salmon burger. For others, biting into a savory veggie burger. For others still, biting into a burger featuring peanut butter as its main condiment.

Regardless of your dietary restrictions and the type of patty you prefer, Seattle’s got a place where you can chow down on a burger. In fact, it’s got several. Here are eight worth checking out.

8oz. Burger and Co.

After its Capitol Hill location established a reputation as a place to get one of the best burgers near downtown Seattle, 8oz. Burger and Co. expanded to Ballard. The location, which happens to be right across the street from AMLI Mark24, serves the same local, organic burgers and buns as the Capitol Hill location. Visit for an eight ounce burger made from PNW-raised beef, chicken, turkey, water buffalo, cod, pork belly, or veggies and grains. A fun cocktail menu and impressive draft beer selection makes washing down a burger easy and delightful.

Blue Moon Burgers

With a Federal Street location a five-minute walk from AMLI 535 and AMLI South Lake Union, Blue Moon Burgers is another locally owned and operated burger chain that should be on your radar. Its spicy El Diablo Azul and other signature burgers, all of which contain the word “blue” in one language or another, have been praised by numerous food critics.

A gluten-free menu that includes French fries, tater tots, and onion rings makes Blue Moon a paradise for gluten-intolerant burger lovers, but not at the expense of those who can afford to love gluten. In addition to its bustling South Lake Union location, Blue Moon operates in Capitol Hill and Fremont.

Lil’ Woody’s

If you live in AMLI Mark24 and eat a lot of burgers, you might want to deviate from the extensive 8oz. Burger and Co. menu on occasion. Also practically next door to the new apartment community, Lil’ Woody’s is a tried-and-true Seattle burger joint that is worth your buck.

The Lil’ Woody’s Salmon Burger can only be had at the Ballard location. The New Mexican is a favorite among those familiar with and crazy about hatch green chillies, and Tillamook Cheddar Cheese makes an appearance on most burgers. Beer and wine are available, but many regulars opt instead for Molly Moon’s Milk Shakes or root beer floats.

Lunchbox Laboratory

Praised as a “burger paradise” by The Seattle Times, Lunchbox Laboratory is a burger chain that isn’t going out of style anytime soon. The Thomas Street location, near AMLI 535 and AMLI South Lake Union, is almost always packed for people after a good patty. A Bellevue location, about a mile from AMLI at Bellevue Park, caters to the young professional population in Seattle’s eastern suburbs.

Both locations offer creative appetizer “experiments,” clever cocktails, and Lunchbox Laboratory’s signature originals. These include the cheesy Burger of the Gods; the feisty Tear Jerker; and the Dork, featuring a patty of mixed duck and pork meat.

King’s Hardware

A dive bar, a hipster hangout, a taxidermy museum, and just a short walk from AMLI Mark24, King’s Hardware in Ballard is much more than a burger joint. The burgers on its menu, however, are definitely worth a shout-out. They include the choose-your-own-spice-level Five Alarm burger and the After School Special, a classic hamburger topped with bacon and smothered in peanut butter.

Red Mill Totem House

Burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, and fish fry give Red Mill Totem House a broad appeal. Its claim to fame, available in veggie, chicken, and beef, is the fire-roasted Anaheim pepper loaded Verde Burger.

Inexpensive, right on the water, and less than 10 minutes’ walk from AMLI Mark24, this Seattle burger joint also knows how to spin a shake. Its pumpkin pie shakes are the talk of the neighborhood, but Red Mill has 16 other sweet and fruity flavors to choose from. Burgers start at .79, but can only be purchased with cash.

Relish Burger Bistro

It may be housed in a hotel and affiliated with a burger brand found in Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Maui, but don’t let any of this stop you from relishing a juicy patty at Relish Burger Bistro. Chef Ali Majedi’s creations, which include chicken caprese between artisan bun halves and a steelhead salmon burger, can be found at the Westin Seattle, less than a mile south of AMLI 535 and AMLI South Lake Union.

Uneeda Burger

Do you need a burger? If you think you do, Uneeda Burger is there for you. Just visit its hip, roadside-style dining hall and grill in Fremont. Study its simple, choice-rich menu. Decide between chicken, cow, elk, lamb, and mushroom. Add fries, chili fries, chili cheese fries, poutine, rings, soup, or a salad to your order. Select a hand-spun shake or local craft draft to accompany all that grub. Wait until your name is called, and then pig out. But be careful, Uneeda Burgr has been reported to be addictive.

In terms of food quality and abundance, Seattle’s burger houses may rival the Emerald City’s Asian kitchens. And if you’re familiar with the Seattle food scene, you know that’s quite a statement. Live Life + Love Life by occasionally indulging in the burger of your choice. Just make sure it’s a good one.

What’s your favorite Seattle burger joint? Or, more specifically, your favorite Seattle burger? Leave a comment to let us know!

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