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Everything In Its Place -Home Decluttering
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Everything In Its Place: Home Decluttering

Mar 18th, 2016

Do you frequently have to shift a bunch of stuff around in order to get at what you’re looking for? Do you bring home new purchases and agonize over having no good place to store them? Do you end up creating makeshift homes for these new items that end up contributing to clutter in your apartment? If you identify with these common life experiences, take a decluttering timeout and put everything in its place.

Importance of Tidiness

When everything you own is in its designated place, your apartment looks as tidy as a nice hotel room. You hardly ever lose things. You buy fewer items you have no need or use for. It’s no exaggeration to say that following a mantra of everything in its place can lead to a mental decluttering, opening you up to greater happiness, health, and wealth.

Everyday Practice

It’s best to begin by decluttering your possessions, so you’ll have an easier time finding a place for things that are important. Sort through your clothes, books, tech gear, children’s toys and knick-knacks, setting aside for donation items you never use. Once this is done, find a logical home for everything.

Keep things in their respective homes by binning or shelving them immediately after use. In order to experience the gratification of waking up in a tidy home every day, conduct a final sweep of your apartment at night, putting away anything that has been left out. This daily decluttering shouldn’t take more than five minutes or so. Thinking critically about purchases before making them is key to preventing another messy pileup. Consider going a step further by visualizing where you’ll store an item before you buy it. When you do bring something new into your home, designate a place for it right away. If you empty your pockets, purse, or backpack of miscellaneous receipts and accessories at the end of every day, sort through the resulting piles immediately.

Minimalism & Mental Clarity  

Keeping everything in the right place saves considerable time and energy. You’ll spend less time cleaning and searching for things. You’ll also end up with fewer, but most likely nicer, things as you become more picky with your purchases. Several respected studies have linked tidiness to mental clarity. When everything is in its place, you can think clearer and rid yourself of the worry (and possibly embarrassment) when people unexpectedly arrive at your apartment.

Time to Change

If you’re ready for a lifestyle change, begin putting everything in its place today. If you have a few hours to sort through your things, there’s no reason to delay starting. If you’re moving to a new apartment soon, this is a natural and perfect time to de-clutter. Your new home is clean slate to begin a more minimalist and mindful everyday routine.

The task of decluttering your apartment by finding a home home for everything you really want and need has the power to truly change your life. By taking care to return things to their rightful places at the end of each day, you’ll make this practice easy to maintain. If you aspire to keep your home tidy and organized, challenge yourself to designate a place for everything and keep everything in its place. If nothing else, you should free up some time and energy.

Do you already live according to the everything in its place philosophy? Share your insights in a comment below!

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