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Get your fall wardrobe in order with these seasonal fashion tips.
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Tips for Assembling and Organizing Your Fall Wardrobe

Oct 17th, 2016

Pumpkin patches are open for business. Your favorite coffee shop has started serving pumpkin spice lattes. And the first leaves half fallen from trees in much of the country. Does your wardrobe reflect the changing seasons? If you haven’t already packed up your tank tops and flip-flops for the next several months, don’t worry. Here’s a helpful guide to assembling your wardrobe for fall.

Bring out the dark

Just because fall has arrived doesn’t mean you need to bin all bright-colored articles of clothing you have. But it’s probably a good sign if tans, browns, blacks, and darker shades of yellow are growing more prominent in your closet. Replace white jeans with grey jeans, and move darker pairs of shoes to a location where their easier to grab.

Check that you’ve got layers

The weather is cooling down, but hopefully we haven’t said goodbye to warm temperatures altogether for the next several months. Get your fall wardrobe in shape for those days when it feels frosty at the time you leave your apartment for work, warms up when you’re out for lunch, and cools down again in the evening. Keep your favorite summer shirts on hand for when the sun comes out, retrieve your light jackets from storage, and get those leggings ready for use.

Keep something summery handy

You may be optimistic about an Indian summer. Even if it doesn’t come, you can wear tights under a summer dress and throw a cardigan or leather jacket over it on a day you’re feeling especially fashionable this fall.

Make a statement with a jacket

Retrieve timeless jackets you have stored in boxes or bins, and determine what color or style you think is missing. If you decide you could benefit from a tweed jacket, pea coat, or blazer this fall and winter, make this your major seasonal purchase. Optimize functionality by choosing a color and/or pattern that will work with almost all shirts, pants, and shoes in your fall wardrobe.

Remember that faux is in

Growing concern for the treatment of animals and increasingly stylish imitation fur have given faux fur a respected place in the fashion world. If you’re looking for a mink coat or rabbit fur handbag to wear this fall, consider their synthetic counterparts. You can claim to be both stylish and eco-friendly.

Switch up some accessories

Some of the shoes, jewelry, handbags, and hats you wore throughout the summer may work with your fall attire, but probably not all of them. Get out warmer hats, larger bags and totes than can comfortable carry a jacket. Tuck away your summer bling, bringing out dark, bold earrings and classy bracelets that can comfortably be worn over long sleeves.

Change out your makeup

As the absence of sun from your life changes your skin tone, switch up the makeup in your day-to-day beauty arsenal. Makeup genius Bobbi Brown recommends warmer, tanner shades of foundation and blush. Where lipstick is concerned, she favors creamy lipsticks to sheer gloss at this time of year.

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