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Styling a Coffee Table
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Fashionable Tips for Styling a Coffee Table

Nov 9th, 2018

Many of us spend the majority of our free time at home in the living room. It’s the place to relax after a long work day or where you can host your friends and family for game night. Coffee tables usually have a dominant place in the living room and it’s important that they look great while also being highly functional. Styling an aesthetically pleasing coffee table in your apartment is easy as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Here are some of our fashionable tips for styling a coffee table.

Varied height and colors

One of the first rules of styling a coffee table has items on it three levels of height—high, medium and low. You can create height by adding a stack of hardcover books, a vase, candles, or other decorative items. Place a few items directly on the table and others on platforms to create height. Use a complementary color palette when styling your table or use all neutral shades and include one accent or statement-colored piece.

Use a tray

Place a tray on your coffee table to gather items and make your display look less cluttered and more intentional. When guests come over and you need the table to put down snacks or drinks, just lift the tray to move it out of the way. Trays come in many different sizes, shapes and colors to fit any style. Check out this affordable marble and gold tray that looks simply luxurious.

Add something living

Adding a fresh bouquet of flowers or a houseplant will brighten up your coffee table and make it feel alive. Flowers and plants also bring in natural textures, which is key to any styled coffee table. Add in seasonal flowers or a hard-to-kill houseplant such as an aloe plant or another type of succulent.


Make your coffee table setup unique by adding in something personal. Whether that be a book, a quirky trinket or something you picked up on an exotic trip, adding pieces that mean something to you can help tell your story. Adding personal items is one of the best parts of designing your perfect space, plus these are usually great conversation starters.

Keep it simple

Some of us are drawn to a more subtle look. You don’t need a lot of items on your coffee table in order to make it visually appealing. A minimal design with simple decorations will go a long way and will help pull your entire living room together. Even by updating the style of your coffee table itself can make a big difference. Check out this wood coffee table that has an industrial look or this modern coffee table that is simple and elegant.

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Styling a Coffee Table

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