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Motivate yourself to exercise with these tips to kick your work out into gear.
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10 Fitness Motivation Tips | AMLI Residential

Jul 14th, 2017

Do you seize on any opportune excuse that presents itself in order to avoid working out? If you have fitness goals that you’re determined to meet, you can’t let rainy weather or lethargy keep you from hitting the mat, weights, or treadmill. Here are some tips for finding that fitness motivation you’re seeking.

1. Get comfortable working out from home

Getting to the gym is often the single-largest obstacle standing between a person and a workout. If you identify with this struggle, try exercising from home more often and see whether you can better stay on top of your fitness. Test out at-home exercise routines until you find something you enjoy, and obtain and gadgets or equipment you need to work out from home. If you live in an apartment community with a gym or fitness center, take advantage of it.

2. Buy fitness apparel and equipment

Wearing appropriate clothing is key to your comfort and safety while working out. A new pair of running shoes or fitted shorts might also give you an extra push to work out for a couple of weeks until their novelty wears off. Buy fitness apparel and equipment you’re excited to use.

3. Schedule your workouts

Even if you’re not attending a group fitness class or meeting a personal trainer, your workouts should be in your planner. You’re less likely to skip a workout if it’s on your calendar like any other appointment.

4. Reward yourself

Exercise is important enough to your health and well-being that you should incentivize it if necessary. After finishing a tough workout, reward yourself with an episode of the latest show you’re hooked on or treat yourself to a bite of something sinful.

5. Have an accountability plan

Devise a way to hold yourself accountable for your fitness goals that works, and you’ll be pretty much set on the motivation front. Gym buddies, social media progress posts, smartphone apps like Pact, and commitment contracts are all means of finding accountability.

6. Try group fitness

If you’re a social creature, group fitness classes may be a great source of motivation and accountability for you. Try yoga, spin, kickboxing, and other group classes that interest you.

7. If you’re short on time, abbreviate your workout

Have you ever opted not to work out because you didn’t have the time to complete a planned workout in its entirety? The next time you’re short on time (or energy), remind yourself that a condensed workout is always better than no workout.

8. Identify obstacles

The best way to defeat your demons is to know what they are and fight them head on. Put your finger on the demotivating forces in your life, and vow to not let them keep you from exercising. If you’re having trouble identifying your obstacles, think about the excuses you most often use to weasel your way out of a workout.

9. Think about those endorphins

Initiating a workout is hardly ever fun. But once your body starts releasing endorphins, the workout experience changes. Think about how you feel 15 or 20 minutes into a run or something else you like about working out. Let it serve as motivation to get to the gym or otherwise start your workout.

10. Keep a workout journal

Keep a journal documenting your workouts, detailing how you feel at the end of each, and tracking your progress. If you’re feeling low on energy or motivation, revisit entries that remind you how great you feel after working out. Then work out!

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