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Five 2 Bedroom Floor Plans for Rent in Alpharetta, GA

Oct 19th, 2012

Whether you choose to live with a family member, friend, or complete stranger it’s always going to be a little difficult to share your space with another person. AMLI North Point’s many apartments for rent in Alpharetta, GA have plenty of floor plans to ensure you pick the right floor plan for you and your roommate. Make the adjustment to living together as painless as possible. B500- This is the floor plan for a two bedroom apartment for rent in Alpharetta, GA. This option has one bathroom connected to both the common area and one of the bedrooms so be sure to meet with your roommate to set some ground rules. Creating a cleaning schedule can help the bathroom stay cleaner and keep everyone happy! You may also want to let each other know when you will be getting ready for school or work to ensure that both of you can work around your schedules. Check out more tips to sharing a bathroom on Moving Today’s website. C500- This floor plan features a split living space but has a shared kitchen. Having someone to help clean up is definitely a bonus! Dishes are always a chore but when you have someone else who makes dirty dishes it could complicate things. My First Apartment recommends making a dish cleaning schedule to alleviate a big mess in your sink and in your relationship. This two bedroom , two bath apartment for rent in Alpharetta, GA still gives each renter plenty of space and privacy with the living space splitting the bedrooms. TH100- If you’re looking for an apartment for rent in Alpharetta, GA with an attached garage, this floor plan could be the perfect fit for you! This two-story option allows for even more separation and privacy in your bedroom space from the common area. That extra separation will be perfect for nights when your roommates have guests over and you need to get some shut eye. It’s a perfect, more mature floor plan for post-college grads, working class heroes and small families. C650- This two bedroom floor plan is ideal for people who enjoy pampering themselves. The larger bathrooms and closets give the renters plenty of room to create their own spa environments. If you’re feeling social, the added sunroom is the perfect place to sit and talk to your roommate while you unwind after a long day. If you and your roommate enjoy decorating, make a bonding event out of shopping and deciding what theme to decorate your sunroom! Why not try a bohemian or contemporary look? TH200- This ultimate two bedroom apartment for rent in Alpharetta, GA is perfect, not only for roommates, but for starting a family. The upstairs bedrooms give the renters more space downstairs for family events and the addition of a den makes the space more cozy and inviting. You can even create a kid-friendly space with your den by setting up activity spaces and decorating with fun, bright colors! The large dining room and kitchen are perfect for both parents and kids to entertain friends and family. AMLI North Point understands that sharing can sometimes be hard, but with our many spacious floor plans, you and your roommate or family can choose one that best fits you! If you could live in one of our two bedroom apartments for rent in Alpharetta, GA with anyone in the world, who would it be? Let us know who and why in the comments!

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