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Five Daily Tasks to Keep Your Apartment Clean
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Five Daily Tasks to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Sep 4th, 2015

Are you tired of waking up in the morning, only to step on crumbs and onion peels that found their way to the floor while you were preparing last night’s dinner? Do you return home from work almost every day and wish your apartment was cleaner?

The secret to a nice-looking apartment isn’t in occasional deep cleans, but rather in brief stints of daily attention and care. By performing the following tasks every day, you can keep your apartment clean, improve its day-to-day appearance, and keep germs and pests at bay.

Make Your Bed

You’ve heard it before, but making your bed every day can have a huge impact on how tidy your apartment appears. Do this first thing in the morning, every morning until it becomes a habit.

Clean Your Shower

Since the shower is where you get clean, it follows logically that the shower itself should be a clean space. The availability of numerous daily shower cleaners makes this task super easy and quick. It’s really just a matter of taking the effort to wipe down your shower walls and spray the tub with an appropriate cleaning agent. If you like to mix your own household cleaners, try this easy-to-follow recipe from The Prairie Homestead blog.

Sweep Floors

With a decent broom, sweeping the floors in your apartment should take almost no time. Try sweeping just before bed every night so you wake up to clean, grit-free floors. This task is especially important to keeping your apartment clean if you have a pet, children, or you frequently cook from scratch.

Clear Surfaces

Don’t let coins, pens, receipts, and other bits of pocket debris accumulate on your desks, bookshelves, and countertop space. An easy way to prevent doing this is to clear the surfaces in your apartment on a daily basis. File important papers, organize everything else you wish to keep, and throw away what you don’t need or want. To keep your surfaces not just tidy but germ-free, wipe them down with a mild antibacterial cleanser after clearing them.

Tidy as You Go

This is not a specific task, but rather a strategy of crucial importance if you want to keeping your apartment clean. Rather than let a pile of clothes accumulate, fold articles that can be worn again, and throw what needs to be washed in the hamper after deciding on an outfit or changing from one set of clothes into another.

Unless you’re really pressed for time, tend to clutter and messes as they occur. It’s a much more effective and manageable strategy than waiting until you’re fed up with how disorderly your apartment looks and tackling so much at once.

Generally speaking, it’s easiest to cultivate regular cleaning habits if you make daily rituals out of them. Identify the spaces in your apartment that seem to dirty the quickest, and add related tasks to your daily apartment cleaning to-do list.

Do you clean your apartment daily? Share the tasks you think are most important in the comments.

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