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Ropes Gone Wild is an up-and-coming workout spreading in popularity around the country.
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Five Hot Fitness Trends and Their Benefits

Sep 20th, 2016

Just about everyone is familiar with yoga, zumba, and spin. They’re offered at gyms in cities and towns across the country. Yoga and Pilates rooms are amenities available in many of AMLI’s luxury apartment buildings and instructor training sessions for these fitness practices are widely offered. Despite their current popularity, yoga, zumba and spin emerged in the country as niche workout trends, like these more recent arrivals to the fitness scene.

Barre Hybrids and Spinoffs

The ballet-inspired barre workout exploded in popularity about five years ago. Today, hot barre (think hot yoga, but a barre workout) and barre-cardio classes are growing more common. Barre’s oft-cited benefits include improved posture and toned legs. Fusion classes provide these and other benefits.


SoulCycle was founded in New York City in 2006. It’s since expanded its reach to 62 studios in 16 markets. This fitness craze, reputed to feel like a dance party on bikes, can burn 700 calories in 45 minutes. It’s a great cardio and strength-training workout, and contains a brief but exhausting free weights session. If you live in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Florida, or Southern California, there may be a SoulCycle studio near you.

Ropes Gone Wild

Who knew you could work an incredible variety of muscles simply by waving a rope around? Well, it’s been honed down to a science with the Ropes Gone Wild fitness regimen and courses popping up in gyms all around the country are spreading the word. A Ropes Gone Wild routine is an efficient strength-building session that works the core and cardiovascular system hard. Practitioners caution it takes a few classes to find your groove, but that the rope waving will start to feel fun and natural.

Katami 4×4

Celebrity personal trainer Paul Katami has a series of DVDs that work the entire body and promote high-intensity cardio in a compact workout. The brief workouts don’t require special equipment, and can easily be completed from the comfort of your apartment.

Group Personal Training

Group personal training sessions aren’t all that new, but their popularity is growing steadily and certainly yet to peak. These cost-effective sessions make personal training more accessible and help personal trainers expand their reach. If you’re looking to master your alignment while working out and learn proper strength-building practices, a few group personal training classes may prove invaluable.

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