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Five Thanksgiving Decor Projects that Won't Break Your Bank or Your Sanity
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5 Thanksgiving Décor Projects that Won’t Break the Bank

Nov 6th, 2015

The brilliantly colored leaves that fall from trees during autumn are a treat for the eyes. Even if you live in a part of the country where few leaves change color and the concept of fall feels like a distant myth, you can create an appealing autumn environment in your very own apartment.

Here are five simple DIY Thanksgiving decor projects that will bring the harvest season to life in your dining and living rooms, making your apartment a great place to host Thanksgiving dinner for your loved ones.

Gratitude Board

Set up a Thanksgiving message board in the front entryway or dining room of your apartment. Fashion paper leaves from construction paper, and stack a pile of leaves by the message board next to a pen or two. When guests visit between now and Thanksgiving, ask them to write on a leaf about something they’re thankful. If you’re happy with the finished product, laminate it and start a gratitude book that will grow with each passing year.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

A Thanksgiving cornucopia centerpiece is one of the easiest and most impactful table decorations you can make. The base for your cornucopia can be crafted from a ready-made basket, other cone-shaped basket, holiday paper, or bread. Once your base is ready, fill it with apples, harvest corn, small gourds, straw, berries, fall foliage, and whatever else you think looks good.

Decorative Squash Arrangement

A DIY Thanksgiving display that calls for nothing more than autumn squash and can be arranged in less than five minutes is a must when you’re pressed for time or sapped of creative energy. Arrange fairytale pumpkins, miniature pumpkins, and decorative squash on a mantel, table, or the floor by your door for a nice harvest touch.

Fall Wreath

A fall wreath is the perfect way to welcome guests to your home during the harvest season. There are literally hundreds of ways you can go about doing this, spending anywhere from one to ten hours and a few dollars to several hundred. Two of the easiest and least expensive DIY Thanksgiving wreaths we’ve come across are this felt rosette wreath from Crafting Mom and this glittery leaf wreath from Homemade by Jill.

Apple and Acorn Votives

There are dozens of ways to transform run-of-the-mill votive candles into seasonally appropriate sources of light for your Thanksgiving setup. Using a paring knife, you can cut a space into apples that is perfect for holding votive candles. These natural candle holders can stand alone on the table or float in a container of water. Another organic option is to layer a bed of acorns in a glass and set a votive candle in the center.

We hope this has provided you with some helpful inspiration for your Thanksgiving decor. With DIY projects this simple, you should have plenty of time to prepare the big feast and give thanks for everything you have this holiday. AMLI would like to make a toast to your health and well-being, with wishes that you’ll have plenty to be thankful for next year as well.

Do you have your own DIY Thanksgiving decor project idea to recommend? Share details in the comments.

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