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Five Ways to Beat the Midsummer Heat

Jun 24th, 2016

Summer has just begun, but many parts of the country have already been baked by triple-digit temperatures on several consecutive days. If you don’t want to hide away in your air-conditioned apartment the next time an unbearably hot weekend rolls around, here are some ways to cool down after some time under the heat of the sun.

Take a Dip

One of the fastest and most fun ways to cool down during a midsummer heat wave is to immerse yourself in water. Your apartment pool, a local waterpark, and the nearest beach are a few places you can enjoy this pleasure.

Indulge in an Ice Cream Cone

Treat yourself to the immense delight that ice cream is so good at delivering. While this may or may not be something you want to get in the habit of doing every hot day, it’s comforting to know we burn more calories in hotter weather. You need not feel too guilty about regular visits to ice cream parlors or keeping a pint of your favorite flavor in your freezer.

Get Misted Over a Patio Meal

Patio misters provide consistent cooling relief, allowing you to enjoy a drink or meal outdoors even when the weather is hot. Keep your eyes peeled for patio misters at restaurants near your apartment to identify your options.

Make a Cold Compress

If you sleep under a blanket or comforter and have trouble falling asleep or woken up sweating when the heat rises, a DIY cold compress could be the remedy you need. Fill a cotton sock with rice, freeze it for two hours, and place it between the sheets when you head to bed. The compress should make sleeping more comfortable.

Go for the USB Fan

A portable, rechargeable USB fan provides instant relief from scorching heat on-the-go and, really, anywhere. Invest in one of the stylish, effective new models and use it to cool yourself down at the office, the park, in a poorly air-conditioned car, or just about anywhere else.

The Central U.S. was struck by a heatwave before summer officially began, and scientists predict 2016 will be the hottest year on record. Avoid succumbing to heat exhaustion by drinking plenty of water and taking steps cool down when you feel your body heating up. Hot days are great for taking advantage of those treats and activities we typically only get to enjoy in summer, and of course for appreciating the modern luxury that is central air conditioning.

How do you cool down in the summertime? Share your tips for surviving the midsummer heat in the comments.

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