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Five More Ways to Make the Most of a Small Apartment

Aug 5th, 2016

Does your apartment feel cramped and cluttered? Even if a small apartment provides all the living space you need at this point in your life, you want to get as much from that space as you possibly can. Make your small apartment feel larger and maximize its utility no matter its square footage with these tips, as well as those we covered in our last post on this topic, four ways to make the most of your small space.

1. Favor large furnishings

A few large, bold pieces of furniture can do more for a small room than several smaller pieces. One long, wide sofa is likely to make your living room more comfortable and less cluttered-feeling than two or three smaller sofas, for instance. Another sizing tip: Ensure primary furnishings, such as a table and chairs or sofa and coffee table, are sized in proportion to one another.

2. Let the light in

Brightening up a room can make it feel bigger. Maximize natural light by opening windows during the daytime, use sheer curtains to allow sunlight in, and decorate with mirrors and glass to spread the light around, making it feel more airy and spacious.

3. Store things vertically

Vertical storage offers two huge benefits where space is concerned. First, it makes use of all that empty space between your head and the ceiling. Second, it draws the eye up to the top of the room, which can make it feel taller and more expansive. There are dozens of ways to go about using the vertical space in your apartment. Get inventive.

4. Use a cleaning caddy

Do you currently have similar or even identical cleaning agents stored in multiple rooms of your apartment? Instead of storing the same cleaning supplies in multiple places in your small apartment, invest in a cleaning caddy that makes it easy to move cleaning essentials from room to room. This can free up valuable closet, cabinet, or under-sink space.

5. Divvy up room space

Room dividers and partial room dividers come in many forms. Some of them take up virtually no space, but give the appearance that a room is separated. Others, including tall bookcases and armoires, are essential furnishings that can be placed to act as room dividers. Room dividers help one room seamlessly serve many functions. Several types of room divider even offer nearly as much privacy as a wall itself.

Do you have additional tips for making the most out of a small apartment? If you do, or you try out any of these strategies, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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