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Great Tips for Living in 3 Bedroom Apartments

Jun 25th, 2012

So you’ve found the two perfect roommates for your nice apartments and you’re ready to begin living life in 3 bedroom apartments. To make the entire living period in your nice, new apartments comfortable and simple, we offer some key things to do to be the best roommate in 3 bedroom apartments:

1. Respect each other’s stuff and boundaries.

One of the most important things in being a great roommate in 3 bedroom apartments is respecting  your roommate’s stuff and their boundaries. More than likely, you will all contribute something to the common areas, like the living room or kitchen, in 3 bedroom apartments. Respect the items each roommate has donated, for example, a new couch or great set of posts and pans. They purchased or were given those items to make your apartments nice apartments and you know you’d appreciate them taking good care of your stuff in the apartments, too. Also, unless you have permission, don’t enter your roommate’s room in your 3 bedroom apartments when they’re not there or take belongings from their room without asking. Common courtesy and respect can go a long way in 3 bedroom apartment living!

2. Set expectations for the apartments from the beginning.

Lay it on the line from the beginning about how you would like to live in your 3 bedroom apartments and let your roommates offer their thoughts as well. Setting ground rules, even over the little things, when you first move into your 3 bedroom apartments will help in the long run. Discuss everything from a chore chart, to what temperatures you’d like to set in the apartments and more.

3. Be wary of your guests.

Be wary of who you invite over to your 3 bedroom apartments. If there is someone who your roommates may not get along with, perhaps you should see them outside of the apartments. Or, maybe they have to get up earlier than you do for work and if you invite four or five, loud guests over at midnight, that may jeopardize your roommate’s comfort level in your 3 bedroom apartments, and not to mention, their sleep schedule. Just remember to be courteous when you invite guests over to your apartments. It doesn’t hurt to ask or inform your roommates before guests do come to your apartments as well.

4. Be honest and open about issues, again, even the little ones.

You’d hate for a fight to escalate with your roommates over something, whether it relate to the apartments or not, that could have been addressed from the start. When something first bugs you in the apartments, politely point it out to your roommates and be honest and open with them. Maybe one roommate never loads the dishwasher? In a polite manner, inform them that you don’t see it fair as you three all inhabit the 3 bedroom apartments and should all contribute to chores. Your roommate, more than likely, will appreciate you telling them early on and won’t mind making a change.

5. Respect common areas to conserve your nice apartments.

To keep your nice apartments, well, nice, keep common areas where you all gather clean and clear of stuff that isn’t supposed be there. For instance, shoes from your day at work in the middle of the living room or plates and dishes on the dining table from dinner last night need to be put in your room or cleaned and put away. Your bedroom in 3 bedroom apartments is a different story, however. That’s your space so that’s where you can do whatever you please with your belongings, but to ensure nice apartments, clean up after yourself in the common areas of the apartments. Your roommates and you will enjoy your time in your nice apartments.

Being a good roommate, whether it be in 2 bedroom apartments or 3 bedroom apartments, is essential in living life and loving life in your apartments. We trust that you and your roommates will not only live life and love life at AMLI, but you’ll enjoy the high-quality amenities, spacious floor plans and more in each AMLI apartment. Click here to search our nice, 3 bedroom apartments in your city.

If you live in apartments with other people, what do you do to be a good roommate? Any tips we missed? Share in the comments below!

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