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Select the right linens for your apartment using this guide before you buy.
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How to Select the Perfect Linens for Your Apartment

Aug 11th, 2017

A quality mattress and a cozy blanket with pillows designed for your sleeping style all contribute to a getting good night’s sleep. But the sheets and pillowcases you use are at least as important. Your skin makes a lot of direct contact with bed linens, which should be well-fitted and soft to the touch. If you’re in the market for new bed linens, follow these steps to ensure you choose a set that’s right for you and your sleeping situation.

Set your budget

You can spend as little as 0 to upwards of ,000 on a single set of bed linens. You certainly don’t need to spend in the higher end of that range to get a quality set, but linens are not a purchase to skimp on. Quality linens promote restful sleep and tend to last longer than cheaply made linens. If you find your dream pair of bed linens for 00 but cannot fathom spending this much on sheets, think about how much time you spend in bed. Provided you care for them, a nice set of linens will help you sleep easily for years. It might be easier to look at the cost from a per-night perspective. A 00 set of bed linens used for four years will cost you /bin/sh.14 each night. Does that seem unreasonable?

Choose material(s)

The right linen material depends on climate and personal preference. Cotton is the most popular and ubiquitous material, but there are several types of cotton. Egyptian cotton has a longstanding reputation as “luxury you can feel.” But it’s become increasingly common for sheets made from cotton fibers grown outside of Egypt to be sold as “Egyptian cotton.” Conduct careful research to ensure the cotton used in “Egyptian cotton” linens was grown in Egypt and carefully washed and combed before buying. Cotton sateen, a silky type of cotton, is in vogue right now. Cotton percale, which has a cooling effect, is also popular, especially in parts of the country with very hot summers. Bamboo blends and jersey sheets are other viable options. If you opt for jersey sheets, you should definitely splurge. Cheap jersey sheets have a reputation for being poorly made and lacking in durability.

Understand thread count

Thread count is a measure of the threads found in one square inch of linen fabric. Conventional wisdom dictates that a higher thread count is better than a lower thread count. While this is generally true, the quality of the fiber used in a set of linens is at least as important as its thread count. Don’t make a decision based solely on thread count when buying linens for your apartment.

Prioritize fit

In order to prevent them from slipping and sliding around, sheets need to be sized right. Buying linens sized specifically for your mattress is the first step here, but should not be the only consideration. Look for fitted sheets that contain elastic edging all the way around. These usually provide a smoother, snugger fit than those with elastic only on the corners. If you decide to go with flannel sheets, ensure they are pre-shrunk. If they’re not, the flannel will likely shrink during washing and mat not fit as well.

Like the design you choose

The look of your sheets is less vital than their quality and fit as far as sleeping comfort is concerned. But if you want to be truly satisfied with the sheets you choose, appearance does matter. Never buy a set of linens unless you like their design and color scheme, and they work with your bedroom’s walls and decor.

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