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Hiding Cords and Wires in Your Apartment
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Hiding Cords and Wires in Your Apartment

May 6th, 2016

They’re safety hazards. They’re eyesores. Cords and wires are the bane of many an apartment dweller’s existence. Unfortunately, they’re still necessary for the operation of many of the devices we regularly use today.

In order to live a life with the cords and wires you need, but without constant reminders they’re there, follow these tips for keeping their presence in your apartment hush-hush.

Label Cords and Wires

Over time, it’s easy to forget what cord and wire belongs to a particular device. When you have a lot of them, it can also take time to tease out which appliance the bulky white cord running alongside the thin black wire belongs to and vice versa. Mark cords and wires using electrical tape so you never forget which is which.

Bundle Cords Together

Even if you’re not bothered by your cords that you want them completely out of sight, bundle cords together in each room to minimize the overall area they take up. You can do this with binder clips or zip ties.

Up and Out of the Way

One way to keep cords out of the way and out of sight is to keep them on the ground. Swap out classic extension cords with surge protectors that plug directly into the wall, and run cords along walls or the sides of furniture to wherever the devices they power sit. Cords kept off the floor collect less dust and present less of a tripping hazard.

Under-Desk Mounting

Another way to keep cords and wires off floors is to mount them under desks and other flat surfaces using eye hooks and zip ties. This is a convenient way to hide them in apartment workspaces and living room entertainment centers.

Hide Cords in Drawers

One way to keep cords and wires contained without making structural changes to your apartment is to turn drawers into hidden charging stations. Here’s how:

  • Place a nightstand, desk, or cabinet with drawers in front of an outlet.
  • Run an extension cord or surge protector from the outlet to a drawer.
  • Use the power source to connect all devices in the area.

On a related note, designate a drawer for storing adapters and chargers that aren’t in use to keep a room neat and tidy.

Tape Cords and Wires Down

If there is no practical or easy way for you to keep cords and wires off the floor, bundle them together and run carpet-friendly electrical tape over them to secure them in one place and prevent a messy maze of wires from taking root. To further shield them from view, cover bundles of them with area rugs. Cords and wires running up walls can also be covered by decorative elements such as wall-hung tapestries. Just make sure there is a layer of electrical tape between them.

Hiding your cords and wires won’t make them go away, but it will make your apartment look and feel less cluttered. Covering them up can be an easy and simple project that takes up just part of your Saturday morning, and will save a great deal of time and hassle once it’s done. If you’re feeling creative, you can get artsy and spend a bit more time covering them with impressive results.

Have you tested out a great method for hiding cords and wires in your apartment? Share in the comments.

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