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Hosting a Craft Party in Your Apartment

Jan 27th, 2014

One of the only experiences more enjoyable than feeling like a kid again for a few hours is feeling like a kid who has all of the creativity and talent you’ve accumulated throughout your life. When you sit down for an arts and crafts session with your friends, some inspiring music, and your favorite beverage, you can experience exactly this. With a little planning and the right supplies, you can transform your luxury apartment into a creative pop-up art studio. Here are some tips to help you plan a fantastic craft party.

Follow a To-Do List

The key to hosting a craft party is to keep a to-do list. Use it to ensure you don’t forget to do anything essential for the planning and preparation. Even now, as you read this, make some notes on your to-do list.

Choose Craft Projects

Given that virtually any materials in existence, from velvety fabric to recycled aluminum, can be transformed into decorative or functional art, the human imagination is truly the limit. Do some research, visit your favorite DIY and home improvement websites for some inspiration, and consider the season and any holidays coming up. While settling on a project or two in advance will make the gathering of supplies easy, it is important to remember you don’t need to stick to the project you select. Some of the best craft projects are the result of impromptu creativity.

Ensure Supplies are Accounted For

Look up some crafts to get a few ideas of what you want to, well, craft, and then check your box of art supplies to make sure you have everything. If you don’t, either make a run to an art supply store for any essentials you’re missing or ask your guests to bring supplies.

Don’t Forget Snacks

No craft party is complete without snacks. If you want to go all out, you can choose a theme, artfully arrange a handful of delicacies, and decorate your buffet table accordingly.  Simple also works: A fruit platter, chips and dip, chocolate, and a few bottles of wine. Hosting a party can be overwhelming for some, so don’t feel bad asking your guests to pitch in. Most likely, your friends will be happy to bring a snack or beverage.

Take Mess-Preventing Precautions

If you plan to work with paints or hot glue, protect your work space. Set up newspaper, plastic, or foil to prevent making a mess or cover the table you’re working on with a disposable yet sturdy plastic tablecloth. If the nature of your craft party is such that a stubborn stain or something similar is highly likely, consider hosting it somewhere other than your apartment or reconsider the project.

Limit Your Craft Party Guest List

The most successful craft parties tend to be on the smaller side. This usually makes planning easier, results in you and your guests having the space you need to work on your crafts, and can make the entire experience more intimate.

Hosting a craft party is an easy way to get your friends together without breaking the budget. Take a look at your calendar, select a date for the party, and start planning! What are you waiting for?!

Have you been wanting to host a craft party but been putting it off? 

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