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Academy Awards red carpet
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Starstruck: Hosting an Academy Awards Viewing Party

Feb 21st, 2014

Polish those trophies and roll out the red carpet because the 2014 Academy Awards are almost here! If you and your friends love to watch movies, celebrate your love for cinema together by hosting a viewing party in your luxury apartment.

These sorts of events are just much more fun and exciting when people whose company you cherish are with you to to applaud the actors, directors, producers, and so many more, who wowed you at the theater.


You can’t have an Academy Awards viewing party without a red carpet! Aside from that, you don’t need all that much in the way of decor. Large star cutouts made from silver and gold paper are great to hang up throughout your apartment, hang a banner to greet guests, or give them gift bags full of fun favors. Party favors that make your guests feel faux glamorous, such as Hollywood sunglasses and bottomless popcorn tubs, will make the party more festive.


If the party will be an intimate affair and you want to serve a full meal, keep it light and classy. But unless you specify a full meal will be served, guests won’t expect you to provide dinner. Hors d’oeuvres, on the other hand, should play a central role. Two themes to consider are high-class French and Southern California diet inspired. Examples of French hors d’oeuvres you can prepare or have catered include caviar, prosciutto-wrapped dukkha with feta, and an elegant cheese platter that goes perfectly with the fine wine you selected for the evening. If you look to Hollywood for culinary inspiration instead, try apricot-goat cheese coins, guacamole bruschetta, or spicy curry kale salad.


While appetizers will play a prominent role at your party, beverages are more prevalent if it’s to be a truly glamorous affair. Ensure your favorite cocktails make it on the drink menu, along with some bottles of bubbly and good wine vintages. To match beverage options to a French theme, get the mixings for French sidecars, rose cocktails, and  pomegranate-champagne punch.  If you go the Hollywood route, vodka with plenty of fruit juice mixing options should do just fine. Or you can honor your favorite Hollywood greats by serving Charlie Chaplins, Ginger Rogers, or toast to Shirley Temple with her signature drink.

Make the Academy Awards a lavish affair for you and your pop culturally aware friends by throwing a small, but well-appointed, viewing party in your luxury apartment.

Do you have a creative decorating or catering idea that you think could make any Oscars viewing party more exciting?

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