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Hosting the Best Movie Night in your AMLI Apartments

Sep 26th, 2012

We’re not going to lie, AMLI apartments make the best apartments for movie nights. Why? Because the spacious floor plans available in our communities allow for the perfect movie night layout, no matter if you’re living alone or with a couple of roommates. And movie nights can make for a fun reason to have friends over or get to know your neighbors. In order to host the best movie night ever in your apartment, we have some to tips to help you get started: 1. The Guest List First and foremost, a guest list is necessary for your movie night in your apartment home. No matter if you’re having a couples night or just inviting a few of your BFFs over, decide who you want to invite so you know which movie(s) to choose, what snacks to make and how much seating you’ll need. Create a private Facebook event, send out a mass text, email your friends or even go a step further and mail invitations. Either way, getting the word out (and getting RSVPs) will help you better prepare for your movie night. 2. Flick Picks Unless you pick a movie that you’re 100% sure everyone attending will agree on, having a few different movie options will allow your guests to have a say in what you’ll be watching. People have different movie tastes so it always helps to get requests and recommendations from the guests attending. Since technology makes things simpler these days, you could send out an email or post to the private Facebook event beforehand. Have a poll of movies or ask your guests to share their favorites. You could also have guests bring one or two of their favorite movies from home and then everyone can pick and choose from there. 3. Movie Munchies This one is a no brainer! You obviously have to have food at your movie night, but you can take the snacks and beverages a step further with unique snack ideas that correlate with the flick. Let’s say it’s a sports film, have a Touchdown Taco bar set up for make-your-own tacos. If it’s a chick flick, fun hors d’oeuvres can be served throughout the night. Use this same idea and apply it to drinks. Watching Harry Potter? Pumpkin juice is a must! Maybe it’s a Sex and the City kind of night? Martinis and Cosmos (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) could be fun sips to have at the event. There are plenty of recipes out there that can go along with whatever movie you’ll be showing. Search places like Pinterest, Food Network and All Recipes for ideas. Just remember to have fun with them! 4. Optimal Seating Depending on the number of guests attending your movie night, make sure you have plenty of seating options around the TV. Pulling out a few extra pillows, blankets or comfy chairs from the other rooms in your apartment home could add more seating. Stores such as IKEA and Target have affordable seating options, if you need to purchase extra. And you can always ask a neighbor or friend if they have anything you could borrow. You never know — your neighbor across the hall could have a couple of extra bean bags laying around for you to borrow. Invite them to your movie night to thank them in return! No matter what movie you’re watching, we’re sure your movie night in your AMLI apartment will be one of the best on the block. If you’re currently apartment hunting and want to find your new home for movie nights, get-togethers and much more, take a peek at the apartment homes available from AMLI. What are your movie night must-haves? Share with us in the comments below!

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