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Houston by the Numbers

Nov 13th, 2013

To say that Houston is an up-and-coming city would not be a false statement.  It is only true, however, in the sense that the country’s fourth largest city is continuing to grow in dynamic and awe-inspiring ways.  Long a student city with a rich historical legacy, the Houston of today has expanded into a global leader in energy production, medical technology and health care administration, technological innovation, and financial transactions.  Considering this growth, it is no surprise that upscale apartment communities have been cropping up and filling quickly in Houston’s bustling downtown and throughout the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area.  To get a feel for the pace at which Houston has grown in recent years and the draws that keep people from around the country and world pouring into the city in droves, take a look at this numerical breakdown.


In 2011, the population of the City of Houston was 2,145,000.  Add the populations of the settlements that make up the Houston metroplex, and that number rises to well over 6 million.  The city’s population is one of the nation’s most heterogeneous, with more than a quarter of its inhabitants born outside of the United States.  The city’s demographic makeup contributes to a mixture of cultures that make the city’s environment vibrant and ever-exciting, a fact that is reflected in the city’s vast selection of food and entertainment offerings.  The median age of the Houston resident is 32.1, making Houston a much younger city than most cities in Texas and the rest of the United States.

Education and Employment

Houston’s young average age can be explained in part by its wealth of educational institutions.  More than a dozen major colleges and universities are housed within the city’s limits, including Rice, Texas Southern, and the University of Houston.  In addition to having a college student population of some 100,000, another 100,000 Houstonians are employed in the education sector.  Other major sources of employment include construction, technical services, hospitality and food services, health care, finance, and insurance.


One of Houston’s greatest draws is its weather.  While summers can be a bit muggy, winters are exceptionally mild and Houston has the type of weather that people who like to spend time outdoors on a daily basis crave.  Running and cycling enthusiasts may have to get their workout in early during the summertime in order to avoid sweating themselves to dehydration, but they can comfortably improve their fitness outdoors every day of the year.  The mean annual temperature is right around 70˚, snow is beyond rare, wind speeds are well under the U.S. average, and the city’s skies provide upscale apartment residents with a healthy mixture of sun, clouds, and rain.


Composed of 17 central city blocks, Houston’s theater district is the largest in the Unites States bar one: New York City’s Broadway district.  Houston has a resident performance troupe in every major performing arts discipline, including ballet, dramatic theatre, opera, and symphony orchestra.  For those who prefer watching sports or enjoy a mixture of sporting events and performance art, professional basketball, football, baseball, and soccer teams can keep things exciting.  There are also enough college sporting events to fill any avid sports spectator’s schedule.  A cornucopia of world-class restaurants, clubs, and bars catering to the interests and budgets of a population as diverse as Houston’s can make eating out before a show or game or spending a night hopping from bar to bar just as exciting as a highly anticipated event itself.  In fact, Houston has been recognized by the New York Times as a top global destination, praised for its cultural and culinary offerings.

Residential Development

18% of Houston’s employed population works in the construction trade, and development in this industry has been booming for decades.  Since 2006, the number of single-family homes constructed each year has declined as residents and newcomers to the area have demonstrated increasing preference for the maintenance-free lifestyle made possible by living in an upscale apartment home.  AMLI Residential has made an effort to help meet this growing demand, an initiative that is evidenced by the luxury amenities and well-appointed grounds of its Houston apartment communities, three of which are downtown and three of which are just a few miles removed from the city center.  Our diverse upscale apartment offerings mean that we are able to accommodate and adequately meet the residential needs of households of all different types.

With six upscale apartment communities in Houston, AMLI Residential is a leading provider of luxury, maintenance-free living in the area.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom apartment; regardless of whether or not you have or desire a pet; regardless of whether you are looking to live in the center of the city’s urban action or away from it all, there is a luxury AMLI apartment home with your name written on it.  What are you waiting for?  Take a look at AMLI City Vista, AMLI Uptown or AMLI Memorial Heights upscale apartment home today.  Live Life + Love Life in a city that already boasts one of the country’s most exciting and prosperous living environments and is only growing more exciting every day.  And do it in style.  AMLI style.

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