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"I Do:" Tips for Starting Life as a Newlywed in an AMLI Apartment Home

Jul 8th, 2013

You’ve put the rings on each others’ fingers and said your “I Dos.”  Your honeymoon is behind you and now it’s time to embark on the journey of married life, for better and for worse.   If you have chosen to live in an upscale apartment home rather than purchase a single-family house, you are likely to enjoy a number of luxuries and amenities that few homeowners–especially first-time homeowners–enjoy.  Here are some tips that can help you make the most out of the advantages of apartment living and make your space as comfortable as possible, for both man and wife.

Merging Possessions

When a couple merges households, one of the first steps that should be taken is a full-scale assessment of the possessions that each party brings to the table.  Living in an upscale apartment home, you have neither the space nor the need for two microwaves, three or four television sets, and duplicate “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters.  Duplicates take up space that you really don’t have.  Some of them may also serve as sources of income just waiting to be tapped.  Declutter, and try to keep the number and volume of shared household items you start married life with to a minimum.  Not only will this help you to foster and maintain a sense of order.  It should also make joint purchasing decisions easier for the future.

Designating Space

Now that you’re married, you’ve got to make an effort to share everything.  Right?  Wrong.  And most couples that try to do this quickly realize the importance of having their own space in which they can unwind and feed the hobbies that drive them most.  Your apartment may be small, but even in a 1-bedroom you and your partner should each be able to carve out a little cave of your own.  Consider sequestering off some space for one of you in the bedroom and the other in the living room, and allow yourself at least a bit of time to retire to your space and enjoy yourself each day.  This will make sharing common spaces in your apartment more than a bit easier.

Shared Spaces Decor

If your upscale apartment home has two bathrooms and one of you is willing to make a minor sacrifice, you and your partner may have the luxury of having his-and-her bathrooms.  Most of the living space in your apartment home, however, will have to be shared between the two of you.  Aside from your own respective space, it is important to agree on all major design and decor elements.  Even your own personal space, especially if it is part of a larger room, should be decorated so that it flows with what you’ve got going on thematically in the rest of your apartment.  The ultimate goal of your post-nuptial apartment makeover should be to create a “unified” look.


Couples with shared interests may have an easier time hosting friends for meals and activities.  But even if you and your significant other have polar opposite downtime interests, things can be worked out in a way such that neither of you has to suffer at the expense of the other.  Create a shared events calendar, and be fair about how it is used.  You may not be able to change the date or time of a big game or the season finale of your favorite reality show; but if you plan ahead, the party that has virtually zero interest in attending this affair can make plans that will put him or her away from the home for the duration of the event.  If your upscale apartment home has a clubhouse or TV lounge, as most AMLI apartment communities do, you can even plan to watch the game or TV show of interest to you with your friends in this well-appointed common space.

Scheduling “You and Me Time”

In large part, it may seem that this blog has focused on ensuring that each person’s interests are considered, respected, and represented during the apartment decoration and space designation process.  This is because, for most couples, alone time and pursuit of one’s own hobbies and interests are important to the overall health of the matrimonial partnership.  At least as important as ensuring that your independent needs and desires are fulfilled, however, is making the space in your schedule to spend quality time with the significant other you have vowed to spend a lifetime with.  From walks in the nearest park to cuddling up for movies in your shared apartment home to savoring those late summer rays by your apartment pool, your AMLI apartment home should provide you with no shortage of opportunities for enjoying one another’s company.  Reflect on your shared interest, and choose activities that each of you will derive considerable utility from.

Moving in together after tying the knot is a big step.  Handled properly, however, it is a step that can serve to strengthen the bond you share with the love of your life.  When making decisions, respect both your own personality and interests and those of your significant others.  The key to living happily in a small space is ensuring that the individual and shared needs of both partners are met, and AMLI Residential offers luxury apartment homes throughout the country that provide ideal space for doing just this.  Live Life + Love Life together in your new AMLI upscale apartment home.

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