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Celebrate New Year's Eve 2017 with gusto even if you don't yet have concrete plans.
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Last-Minute New Year's Eve Celebration Ideas

Dec 30th, 2016

With other end-of-year and holiday arrangements vying for your precious time and energy, New Year’s Eve can sneak up on you. If this is how you feel about the new year coming our way in just two days, you’ve come to the right place. Here are several fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2017 that require little advanced planning.

Enjoy a prix fixe dinner

Say goodbye to 2016 with a culinary bang by eating a prix fixe (fixed-price) dinner with that special someone. Many restaurants offer a prix fixe menu for the holiday, and chances are that some great restaurants still have a few spots still open. You may not have your first choice of restaurant or dinner time, but if this sounds like a good way to bid 2016 adieu, then you should be able to find something that works for you and your significant other.

Secure last-minute tickets to a New Year’s Eve bash

Do you typically take the go-big-or-stay-home approach to New Year’s? As with the prix fixe dinner route, it may be too late to snag tickets to your first choice event. However, there should still be tickets available to some blowout New Year’s Eve parties. And don’t write off attending your first choice celebration. Check event pages for ticket holders who are unable to attend and looking to sell their tickets. If that effort doesn’t yield fruit, then book tickets to a party that hasn’t yet sold out.

Attend a public New Year’s Eve celebration

If your city throws a big, public New Year’s Eve celebration, this should still be an option. Even if you’re unable to get into the designated viewing area because a ticket is required and a limited number were available, you should be able to get close enough to the action to enjoy the live music, fireworks show, and whatever other entertainment your city has planned. The celebrations are usually family-friendly, and often free of charge.

Party in your apartment

Some years, a cozy night spent sipping bubbly and nibbling finger food just feels right. As long as your significant other, roommate, or close friend is present, you’ve got everything you need.

And if you don’t want your celebration to be too quiet, chances are you’re not the only one you know who’s failed to make concrete plans at this point. Reach out to friends and family who live nearby, and see if any of them would like to join you. Ask anyone who is coming to bring snacks or drinks, and drop by the grocery or liquor store to ensure you have enough champagne for the occasion. Don’t bother with too many decorations. As it’s a last-minute affair, your guests should not expect too much. It’s the company, food, and drink that count. If your apartment balcony or terrace affords a view of a nearby fireworks display, hit it up a few minutes before midnight. Otherwise, tune into televised coverage of celebrations elsewhere.

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