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Life Hacks for Better Apartment Living
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Apartment Life

Life Hacks for Better Apartment Living

Sep 11th, 2015

If the American dream is still alive and well, the nature of it has changed. Fewer Americans care strongly about owning a home in the future than ever before. And for many who do aspire to homeownership one day, it makes sense to spend several years living in an apartment before making the big investment.

Regardless of your reason for living in an apartment or the length of time you plan to spend in it, it’s only natural to want to make your apartment feel like home. If you want to have the best possible experience, here are some tips that can help you make the most of your space and capitalize on the benefits apartment living affords.

Search Things First

In order to achieve the best in apartment living, you must plan ahead. Start eyeing apartments as soon as you decide you’re going to move, identify your priorities, and do your best not to settle. By living in a place that offers the amenities you want and the space you need, you’ll be setting yourself up for a much better apartment living experience rather than settling.

Move Smart

Once you’ve signed a lease agreement, concentrate on moving smart. Don’t just throw everything in boxes and tell yourself you’ll sort through it at the new apartment. Sort through your belongings as you pack, donating and dispensing of items accordingly. Pack in a way that makes sense to you, and apply detailed labels to the boxes and bins you move. This will make things so much easier on the other end.

Organize Like a Pro

You’ve done it. You’re in your new apartment. Now’s your chance to live that organized life you’ve always dreamed about. To set yourself up, unpack and arrange your possessions in a few large blocks of time rather than little by little. Do not rush the process, and avoid the trap of throwing items you don’t have a particular place for in storage just so they’re out of the way.

Everything you’ve brought to your new apartment should have a specific place, and it’s easiest to identify what will go where when you arrange everything at once. It may seem like a serious undertaking (and it is!), but getting organized all at once will make staying organized immensely easier.

Decorate Wisely

As you set out to decorate your new apartment, you should have a big picture in mind. Sure, you’ll want to spend time working out the intricacies of each room, but there should be an overall cohesion to your apartment’s decor that makes passing from one room to another a fluid experience. Each room in your apartment should have a single focal point, but you can tie everything together with art that works in tandem. Don’t hesitate to use the same color(s) in room after room if it feels right. And in order to enhance your apartment living experience, make sure each room has appropriate lighting for your needs.

Use Community Amenities

The resort-style pool that took your breath away when you were apartment hunting. The 24-hour fitness studio that made you believe you no longer needed a gym membership. That java bar that assured you could get your caffeine fix even when you’re out of coffee beans. These amenities drew you to the apartment you chose for a reason, and they are there to be used. Take advantage of these amenities to get more out of the rent you pay monthly and live a more active, convenient life.

Living the best possible apartment life is a process that starts before you even move in. If you’re already living in an apartment and want to change the way you live, you can. It’s important to identify your goals, outline a to-do list, and set aside the time, energy, and money required to make the improvements that will facilitate change.

Do you have apartment living down to an art? Share your tips and tricks with the community by leaving a comment below.

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