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Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

Feb 14th, 2014

Celebrated with fervor in dozens of countries around the globe, Valentine’s Day has become a holiday on which romantic partners take a step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life to appreciate one another and the love they share. In an age where many couples are so busy, even live-in partners can go weeks without spending quality time together, it’s nice to have a day celebrated in such a way. But the in-your-face commercialization of Valentine’s Day can make the 43 percent of the American adult population that identifies as “single” feel a bit left out. That’s right, nearly 100 million Americans over the age of 18 are single.

Instead of allowing yourself to get down about your single status or trying to pretend like Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist, why not put the loving energy others expend appreciating their spouses toward loving yourself? Here are a few great ways to do this.


What is your favorite form of exercise? If you like to salute the sun, attend a yoga class. If you like to run, cycle, or swim, celebrate with your own half-marathon. If you are a social athlete, round up some of your single friends for a game of basketball, soccer, softball, or dodgeball. If your schedule allows for it, try to partake in your favorite form of exercise during the morning to get your endorphins flowing and your smile activated early on in the day.

Eat Your Favorite Dessert

Cap off a plate of your favorite meal and a glass or two of wine with some dessert. Don’t limit yourself to a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Instead, choose your absolute favorite type of cake, cookie, pie, mousse, or other sweet treat, and pick it up from your local bakery or restaurant. If your favorite sweet is something you prepare yourself and you actually enjoy the process of creating it, pick up the ingredients and make it in your apartment. If you really love the chocolates that line shelves, wait until after Valentine’s Day and then buy them at a discount. You aren’t going to disappoint anyone by being the cheap lover who waits until Valentine’s Day merchandise goes on sale after the fact to indulge.

Take a Hot Bath

Soaking in a tub filled with warm water and a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oils is the perfect way to finish a day on which your awesomeness and well-being are the center of attention. If you like roses, buy a bouquet for yourself to enjoy during the day. When evening rolls around, separate the petals from the pistil and add them to your tub. Bonus: Soothing and healing, rose petals are great for the skin! If aromatherapy is not your thing, light your favorite scented candles to fill the air with an aroma you enjoy.

Remember You’re Not Alone

Many single people feel Valentine’s Day is designed to make them feel bad for not having a significant other, an understandable conclusion given the hubbub that revolves around the holiday. This is not the case. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love that can be enjoyed by anyone. Nurture and enjoy the relationship you have with yourself this Valentine’s Day. And, if it helps, remind yourself that roughly half of your fellow countrymen and women are single as well. Only the truly miserable would wish unhappiness and ill will on such a large proportion of the population, and you can bet these people are not worth your time.

Have you already discovered a great way to love yourself that makes you feel appreciated and complete? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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