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Some of Miami's best food comes from restaurants in gas stations.
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Miami's Best Gas Station Restaurants

May 3rd, 2017

When you think about where to find good food, a gas station restaurant is probably not the first place to come to mind. Food options at most gas stations consist of chips, jerky, soda, and other snacks. When there are restaurants in gas stations, they’re usually slimmed-down versions of multinational food chains. In Miami, these gas station food options certainly exist. But the Magic City is also home to several highly regarded restaurants that you can only find in gas stations. Here are some of our favorites.

Asian Thai Kitchen

This Coconut Grove Kwik Stop restaurant isn’t just exceptional for a convenience store food purveyor. Asian Thai Kitchen can compete with most Asian restaurants in Miami. Make the 15-minute drive from AMLI Dadeland for high-quality sushi, excellent pad Thai, and spicy curries.

Biscayne Gas

Falafel sandwiches, Philly cheesesteaks, and other filling bites are on the menu at Biscayne Gas’s food counter. What makes this gas station really stand out, however, is its wine and beer selection. More than 700 varieties of beer, wine, sake, and booze can be purchased here, a 30-minute drive from AMLI Dadeland and AMLI Doral.

El Carajo International Tapas and Wines

El Carajo is fronted by a BP off US-1, but it’s a culinary experience most diners rank among Miami’s finest. The restaurant’s Spanish tapas and entrees are first-rate. Octopus, crab-stuffed crepes, chorizo, patatas a la brave, and mixed meat and seafood planks are all popular. You can order traditional paella or make your own. And we’ve still only scraped at the menu’s full offerings. As far as thirst-quenching goes, El Carajo has more than 150 brands of beer and more wine vintages than almost anywhere else in Miami. Red and white sangria are also options. This beloved gas station eatery is just a 15-minute drive from AMLI’s apartments near Dadeland mall.

Fuel Juice Miami

Mendez Fuel is home to one of Miami’s most popular cold-pressed juice shops. If you need to fuel up after a work out, this is the place to fill your gas tank and load your body with nutrients. A 20-minute drive from AMLI Dadeland, Fuel Juice Miami is definitely worth a visit. There’s also a full deli menu, a car wash, and some eye-catching street art to admire while you wait for whatever you decide to order.

Pepito’s Plaza

Pepito’s Plaza is categorized as a Venezuelan restaurant. The menu features plenty of arepas, panchos, and other grilled Latin specialties. But the stand-out item on Pepito’s menu is the Doralzuela burger, a beef, ham, and chicken delight that has been praised by the likes of Anthony Bourdain. In addition to a trio of meats, the burger is topped with a fried egg, avocado slices, and papas fritas. Eating the Doralzuela requires at least two hands, and there’s still no guarantee the burger will hold together the entire time. The Exxon Station that Pepito’s Plaza calls home is a five-minute drive from AMLI Doral.

Taqueria Morelia

The Valero gas station on NE 8th St in Homestead is home to one of Miami’s most commendable taco vendors. Taqueria Morelia uses home-made tortillas for its tacos, tortas, and burritos, which you can spice to your content with the taqueria’s homemade salsas. This beloved gas station restaurant is less than a half-hour drive from both AMLI Dadeland and AMLI Doral.


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