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Monday Night Lights- Tips for Throwing a Monday Night Football Viewing Party
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Monday Night Lights: Tips for Throwing a Monday Night Football Viewing Party

Nov 3rd, 2014

On September 28, 1964, the world was forever transformed for fans of American football. While the game played between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers was not televised, the first ever Monday night football match paved the way for a franchise that has enjoyed wild popularity and success.

By 1970, lovers of football across the country had the opportunity to watch televised NFL games during the week for regular football season. Today, the tally of televised Monday Night Football games played totals more than 730.

The television channel with Monday Night Football broadcasting rights may have changed from ABC to ESPN, but the event has only grown in popularity. Games are now broadcast regularly in Australia, Denmark, England, Portugal, and elsewhere around the world.

If you love Monday Night Football and prefer to watch games with a crew, you can throw a stellar viewing party in your apartment home with these great tips.

Clean Your Apartment

A clean apartment always makes a great impression. Even though you’ll probably want to clean after throwing a viewing party, you should tidy up beforehand too. A bit of decluttering, dusting, and vacuuming should do the trick just fine, even if it’s a Hail Mary effort.

Decorate Using Team Colors

Incorporate your team’s colors into your party decor. You don’t have to go out and purchase pennants or posters celebrating your team, but if you have such memorabilia around, it would add a nice touch. Decorating with blue, green, and silver balloons if you’re cheering on the Seattle Seahawks or blue and orange napkins if you’re supporting the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears can have the same effect and help keep costs down.

Overdo Food

There’s something about watching football that invokes the urge to eat, even amongst fans who are’nt even hungry. Bottom line: Make sure there will be plenty of food at your party. Snacks such as chips and dip, nuts, cheese, and cocktail shrimp are always a nice touch. For the main course, however, plan to have some pizza, sub sandwiches, or chicken fingers. There’s no reason for you to get too creative or spend hours upon hours cooking. Just order from your neighborhood junk food dealer, make a buffet out of your apartment dining room table, and arrange food so it’s well-presented.

Another way to help your guests keep their hands occupied and their bellies full is to offer an ample supply of drinks. Soft drinks, juice, beer, water, and other beverages are all suitable. Just ensure all guests who indulge in alcoholic beverages have a safe means of returning home.

Make it Interactive

Further quash the potential for boredom with a few interactive games. Draft a grid pool sheet and have guests predict what the score will be at the end of each quarter and the end of the game. Another fun game is to create a bingo card filled with football plays such as “field goal” and “Hail Mary pass.” Purchase inexpensive football-related gifts or special drinks for rewarding winners.

Provide Enough Seating

After hunger, the next most important think your guests need is comfort. Once you know how many people will be at your party, scope out your apartment living room to ensure there’s enough seating for everyone. Couches, recliners, beanbag chairs, and even large throw pillows fit the bill for comfortable seating. Just make sure there’s enough of it.

The next time your team is scheduled to appear on Monday Night Football or a match between two high-profile teams is set to take a place, use the occasion to throw a viewing party. Bookmark this blog post to use it as a checklist when making preparations. These tips can also be used to throw a memorable Super Bowl party in your apartment this upcoming February.

Do you have experience throwing football viewing parties? Add any tips you have to offer by leaving a comment below!

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