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Moving Tips- Seven Ways To Make Your First Night Feel Like Home
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Moving Tips: 7 Ways To Make Your First Night Feel Like Home

Dec 5th, 2014

You’ve officially moved in to your new place. Congrats!

Whether you used your muscle or hired professional muscle to schlep all those moving boxes, you’re halfway to making all that new space yours.

Before you get intimidated while staring at the mountain of moving boxes in your living space, check out these simple yet effective tips to help you settle into your first night. And get ready to bring on the home sweet home vibes!

Clean House

Unless your apartment was professionally cleaned before you moved in, you should give everything the spic-and-span treatment. You’ll gain peace of mind that everything is spotless and refreshed, and you’ll get rid of any last remaining traces of the previous tenants. Dust and soap scum be gone!

Make Your Bed

It’s already been, and probably still continuing to be, a long day. Give yourself something to look forward to by making the bed early. After you’re exhausted from unpacking, you’re going to want to high-five yourself for planning ahead. Plus, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed with your fave luxe sheets. Bust out your comfiest pajamas for an unbeatable combo.

Put Picture Perfect Touches

It will take you a few days to decorate and find the perfect place for all your stuff. But you can make your new apartment feel homey right away by displaying your cherished photos. Hang up some prints and find the best places for framed photos. Nothing like your favorite faces and wonderful memories to make a new place feel more familiar.

Light It Up

Have a go-to candle with your favorite scent? Light it up as you unpack and organize. Once you make it smell like home, you’ll start to feel right at home…and create instant ambience to boot.

Break In Your Kitchen

Don’t worry; we’re not talking about cooking a gourmet six-course dinner on moving day. But there’s just something about getting in the kitchen and making that first meal or snack that will help you claim it as your own. Try some simple fare such as homemade pizza, chocolate chip cookies or even muffins. Trust us, the appetizing smells won’t hurt either.

Spread The Word

Another way to feel at home is to share your new digs with friends and family. Have a few people over for an impromptu unpacking party! Or if you’re not quite ready for guests, take pictures of your new apartment and share it on your social networks. This is definitely one of the “Insta” moments.

Treat Yourself

After you’ve tackled move-in day, unwind with a relaxing bath or extra-long shower. Wash away the day’s grime, stress and aches and be refreshed and ready to do it all again tomorrow.

But first, get a good night’s rest in your already made bed. You deserve it.

Welcome home!

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