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what you need for a perfect guest room
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What You Need for a Perfect Guest Room

Sep 7th, 2018

Providing overnight guests with a welcoming place to stay is possible no matter the size of your apartment. Even if you only have a temporary guest space with an air mattress, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a comfortable sanctuary for your friends or family to enjoy.

Creating a bright and inviting haven that will impress your guests and keep them comfortable is easy. The best part is, these ideas are not expensive or hard to make a reality. Get ready to invite your friends over for a sleepover, let’s get into what you need for a perfect guest room.

Cozy bed

The bed is the most important part of a positive overnight experience. Use quality sheets, like these luxury percale sheets, and always provide extra blankets and pillows just in case. If you’re working with an air bed, top it with a piece of memory foam—check out this air bed that comes with a memory foam topper. Adding a thick blanket is another option to make the bed extra soft. It’s also important to make sure the room your guests are sleeping in is dark enough. Hanging curtains to block out early morning sunlight can make a huge difference in your guest’s sleep quality.

The essentials

Stock your guest room or area with all the necessities like extra towels, toilet paper, a disposable razor, floss and a toothbrush. Think of everything that you might find in a hotel or Airbnb, such as a hairdryer, soap, shampoo, band-aids and Advil.  It’s common for travelers to forget items, so this makes it easy for your guests to grab what they need without having to ask you.

Breathing room

Very few people enjoy living out of a suitcase, where all of their belongings are piled up and their clothes get wrinkled. Make some extra space available for your guests to hang their clothes, unpack and sprawl out a little bit. Provide a small chest with drawers, like this nightstand with a built-in charging station. Also, provide a few empty hangers in the closet so they can hang up any items that tend to wrinkle easily.

Personalized touches

While you’re not trying to run a hotel, just a few personalized touches can offer an extra-welcoming touch. Leave a bottle of water, snacks and some mints in the room. Another nice touch is to write your Wi-Fi password on a notepad in the guest room along with a personalized welcome note. Anything you can do to personalize your guest’s experience and make them feel at home is a win-win.

Think luxury

Hang comfortable bathrobes in the closet for your guests to discover and win extra hosting bonus points. Have fresh cut flowers near the bedside along with candles to bring all the luxury to their stay. Another idea we came across is to provide your guests with their very own coffee and tea station so they can get their caffeine fix at any time of day.

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what you need for a perfect guest room

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