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Use these apps to streamline everything from your regular activities to the money you put in the bank.
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Organize Your Life with these Apps

Apr 20th, 2018

An organized life is a better life. If your apartment, office desk, household finances, exercise regimen, photo library, or any other facet of your life could use some organizing, don’t fret. There’s a solution out there. You just need to find the right one for you. Here are 15 popular apps that can help you get your life in order.


Well-suited to work teams, Asana allows users to record and track schedules, assign due dates, and pitch ideas. Asana’s multi-functional interface seamlessly organizes tasks and conversations in an intuitive, searchable manner.


Know when and how to service and troubleshoot appliances, electronics, and other mass-produced goods in your apartment with Centriq.


Webby award-winning app CloudMagic syncs all email platforms across all devices. The app’s appealing design and superior search algorithm make it a major time saver for users who spend a lot of time digging through email.


Cozi makes sharing your schedule with roommates or family members easy and fun. In addition to streamlining schedules, Cozi features a collaborative recipe box and photo journal for meal planning and making memories. This user-friendly organizing app is a must for close households of family or friends who like to stay on top of each other’s schedules.

Dinner Spinner

Did you make any cooking, diet, or other food-related resolutions this year? If you’re behind on progress, All Recipes’ Dinner Spinner may help you manage to meet your resolutions by year’s end. The app maintains an enormous database of tried-and-trued recipes. Search through more than 50,000 dishes by primary ingredients, number of ingredients, prep and cooking time required, and cuisine style. Rate recipes you try, and the app will recommend new dishes to try based on your ratings. Dinner Spinner also has a built-in shopping list that will help ensure you don’t forget to pick up anything you need to try out a new recipe.


If you frequently collaborate with coworkers or friends on projects, Dropbox is a godsend if not a lifeline. Send and access files of all sizes with a partner or team. iPhone users can even send and receive files via iMessage.


Many organizing experts and productivity whizzes encourage clients to write things down rather than type them. It increases the likelihood we’ll remember them. Evernote organizes and stores photos of your handwritten notes and to-do lists. And you don’t even have to sacrifice the ability to “search” through what you write that you have with digital notes and word processors. Evernote has a feature that searches through your handwritten notes even though they haven’t been typed into your phone. Intelligent features like this make Evernote one of the highest-rated organization and productivity apps.

Google Calendar

If you’ve never used Google Calendar or haven’t in a while, give it a go. It’s one of the most user-friendly scheduling tools and a seamless way to streamline your computer and calendars.

Google Photos

Google Photos automatically detects the faces of people you photograph often, as well as most objects. The user-friendly app organizes your photos into a searchable library that makes it easy to find a particular photo from among the 45,000 images stored on your phone.


If you struggle to keep your apartment in tip-top shape, Home Routines can help. The app breaks your home into manageable zones and offers expert tips to help you design a realistic cleaning schedule.

Key Ring

A must-have app for rewards card enthusiasts, Key Ring stores details for everything from supermarket club to gym membership cards. And, since you can scan the app instead of an individual card, it can keep you from carrying around an extra physical key ring.


If you spend an average of two minutes or more a week recalling, retrieving, or resetting passwords for your various accounts, LastPass is likely worth your while. The secure app is password-protected, but your LastPass password is the only one you need to remember. The app will store all the others.


Mint tracks expenditures and integrates financial account information to help users stay organized financially. The user-friendly financial organization and management app has been downloaded more than 10 million times.


If you’re a student who could benefit from keeping better organized, download and try myHomework. Input essential information when receiving assignments, and myHomework will organize them, notifying you as due dates approach.


Shoeboxed makes organizing and storing receipts easier than it is with  a physical shoebox. Photograph your receipts, and the app automatically categorizes them in a searchable server that will save you time and hassle when filing expense reports and during tax season.

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