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Remain Calm - Organizational Tips for a Stress-free Move
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Remain Calm: Organizational Tips for a Stress-free Move

Aug 14th, 2015

Have you found your dream apartment but are dreading the big move?

While moving can be a hassle, staying organized can make the process much smoother. With just a little bit of prep work, you can take the stress out of moving so you can begin enjoying your new home.

Prioritize based on use.

Pack the items you’ll need first, such as toilet paper, paper towels, or cleaning supplies, in clear plastic bins so you have easy access when you arrive at your new place. Using clear bins will also separate these items from the piles and piles of cardboard boxes filling up your new living space, allowing you to easily locate essentials.

Use your time wisely.

Leave your items in their respective drawers to reduce unpacking time. Slipping a garbage bag over hanging clothes will also help with closet organization in your new place. Any steps that simplify the unpacking process will save you time, energy and frustration!

Do the prep work.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but labeling the items in your boxes and the room they go in will make the unpacking process smoother. In addition, make sure you snap photos of your old and new place when they are empty to help you avoid unnecessary fines for apartment damages. Taking pictures of how your electronics are wired will also help prevent headaches when you put them back together.

Update your billing address.

Start your moving process early. To avoid missing payments on bills or losing mail, make sure to change your address with your bank, the post office, and any important services you may need, such as utilities and cable, two weeks prior to your move.

Check the weather regularly.

It’s always best practice to check the weather in the days leading up to your move so  you know if there are any storms coming your way. We all know sometimes even the weatherman can be surprised by Mother Nature, so make sure to have multiple routes mapped out to your new apartment. Also, check traffic reports the morning of the big move so you know which route will get you to your new place in the safest and shortest amount of time.

Consider furniture rental.

Instead of transporting all of your current furniture to your new home, consider renting. Furniture rental can be especially convenient if your move is short-term (as with a military move, for example), or if you are moving to a much bigger or smaller home. You might be surprised how much of your home you can decorate via rental – everything from kitchen utensils to electronics to sofas is available at furniture rental companies like CORT. They also take care of delivery and set-up, so all you’ll have to do on moving day is tell the deliverymen where to put your new furnishings.

Moving doesn’t have to fill you with dread. By keeping yourself organized, you will help reduce your stress throughout the process so you can start living in your new place.

What other moving tips would you add to this list to have a stress-free move? Share in the comments.

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