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A Guide for Renting Apartments Abroad

May 9th, 2014

Traveling is a common passion, and the pursuit of travel has grown increasingly accessible to many individuals within whom this passion lies. As more and more people travel, entrepreneurs and travel experts work to fill any niche that opens for new and/or improved services. One example is the myriad accommodation options available abroad. One option that has become especially popular over the past several years is the short-term apartment rental. If you are making preparations to travel for business or pleasure and would like to enjoy the benefits that come with having your own apartment while you are away, this guide is for you.


Over the past few years, a flurry of news articles and blog posts about renting apartments abroad have been written by travel writers. Most leading travel publications have featured vacation apartments in their literature either as the subject of content or listed under recommended lodging in specific locations. Reading these articles can give you more information about how renting abroad works. But in order to have access to a trove of apartments available for rent in your next travel destination, you need to check out the websites of the largest operators themselves: 9flats, Airbnb, Home Away, Roomorama, and Wimdu are all easy-to-use, reputable apartment rental resources.

Selecting an Apartment

You can customize your results when you search for apartments on the aforementioned sites. So apartments that are out of your budget, are too small or large, or are located too far from a specific address are filtered out. Decide what size and type of apartment you want, and use these search options to avoid looking at rentals that don’t meet your needs and preferences.

Enjoying Your Apartment

Renting apartments abroad often provides you with amenities and luxuries that are unlikely to be in a hotel of comparable price in the same city. These benefits include ample space, full kitchens, and a homier atmosphere. If you rent an apartment that actually turns out to be pretty cool, use what it has to offer you. Prepare a meal or have a drink on your private terrace before you go out on the town. Read references and reviews left by other travelers to get an idea of what you can expect.

Better the World for Other Travelers

No matter what route you take to when you rent an apartment abroad, leave a public review of your experience. Take the time to inform the proprietor of any praises and complaints you have or rate the property and any interaction you had with the management online to help out other travelers. If you use a service such as Airbnb or Home Away, you can leave a reference online that will be linked to your profile, the profile of the property, and the landlord. If you booked with an agency or directly with the owner or manager of a property, you can leave a review on TripAdvisor or another popular online community for travelers such as Virtual Tourist. This helps other travelers find places that suit their needs and can help generate more business for honest, hardworking, and amiable property managers around the world.

Renting apartments abroad gives you the opportunity to feel like a local in places you are only able to visit for a limited time. The freedom, autonomy, and flexibility this type of vacation rental provides, make it an appealing option for many travelers.

Have you experienced a dream vacation apartment rental or had an experience on the opposite side of the spectrum that would be better described as a nightmare? Share in the comments below!

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