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7 DIY Projects You Can Finish in Under 2 Hours

Nov 20th, 2017

There are large-scale DIY projects that require multiple tools, specific skills, and the better part of a weekend to complete. And then there are DIY projects you can carry out with few if any tools and hardly any time. If you’re looking for the latter, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven simple DIY projects you can complete in two hours or less.

Arm-knit scarf

Give the gift of warmth this holiday season in the form of a stylish, arm-knit scarf. DIY enthusiast and Simply Maggie blogger Amanda Bassetti offers an easy-to-follow tutorial and YouTube video demonstration for knitting a thick yarn scarf in as little as 30 minutes. This knitting project requires no needles or other tools.

Decorative metallic diamonds

With a box of drink straws, muffler and masking tape, a wooden skewer, scissors, string, and a bit of time, you can craft fun, hanging metallic diamonds. Following Sugar & Cloth‘s tutorial, you can DIY some inspired, culturally-neutral holiday party decor. The diamonds are versatile enough you may even decide to integrate them into your apartment’s everyday decor.

DIY painted doormat

Is your apartment welcoming? A unique, personalized doormat can go a long way in making it more welcoming to you and your guests. This Anika’s DIY Life tutorial can guide you through the process. For an added touch, set an attractive planter next to your welcome mat or just inside your apartment. Remember that interior furnishings, decor, and degree of clutter also affect a home’s warmth and welcoming atmosphere.

Holiday wreath

This is another DIY project that can make your apartment feel more welcoming. Wire, wire cutters, and needle-nose pliers are the only tools required for most DIY holiday wreaths. As for materials, it depends on what you’re going for. You can make a wreath from eucalyptus branches and red berries, burlap and pine needles, or wire and bulb ornaments in less than two hours.

Cookbook stand

Do you have Scrabble (yes, the board game), a plate stand, craft glue, and a spare cutting board? If so, you have everything you need to DIY a kitchen cookbook stand. If you’re thinking that you only really follow electronic recipes these days, don’t worry. This DIY project also makes a perfect stand for your iPad or other tablet. Australian DIY blogger “Mamie Jane” Edwards is the brain behind this one.

Leather-bound journal

Melissa Esplin’s DIY leather-bound journal tutorial can help you wow your friends and feel accomplished. In as few as ten minutes, you can transform paper and leather scrabs into a sophisticated, leather-bound journal.

Mason jar fairy lights

The versatile mason jar makes another appearance on the AMLI blog. This time, in fairy light form. These kid-friendly DIY lights requires mason jars, glow-in-the-dark paint, paintbrushes, and scrap paper. Glitter and glue are optional. Showcase the lights you create on the patio, as party decor, or in your children’s rooms.

Wire coffee table

Rounding out our list of simple DIY projects is the only proper furnishing we’ve included. It’s a modern coffee table with built-in magazine racks. All you need to make this sleek table is acrylic sheet, wire deck, and cable ties. No tools are necessary. All supplies are available at Lowe’s, publisher of this tutorial. If this isn’t your style but you’d like to DIY a coffee table, browse other project ideas on our blog.

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