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Seven Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Kitchen Organized

May 2nd, 2014

Apartment kitchens tend to be small and when space is of the essence, organization is key. Prepping all ingredients a dish calls for can relieve much of the chaos associated with preparing a meal in a small space, but there are also several changes you can make to improve the state of organization. If you love to cook without feeling overcrowded, heed the following organization tips.

Get Lazy

A popular storage and organization mechanism for centuries, the lazy Susan is just as revolutionary a tool for the kitchen as it was when it was first invented. To prevent sticky messes and the stress of searching for your honey, peanut butter, and jams, store sticky and spillable condiments on a lazy Susan. Should something spill, at least the mess will be confined to your easy-to-clean lazy Susan.

Use Mason Jars

The mason jar movement has exploded, and one of the dozens of uses for these handy glass containers is for the storage of baking essentials. Flour, sugar, salt, coffee, and tea can all be preserved nicely in mason jars, which look nice and take up less room than many larger storage containers.

Alphabetize Your Spices

How many seconds would you say you spend looking for specific spices when preparing a meal? If your kitchen is stocked with dozens of different spices and they aren’t well-organized, these seconds can add up and make you spend precious time searching for oregano or seasoned salt when you have slicing, dicing, and simmering to do. To avoid this, simply alphabetize your spice rack. If there are spices you use for almost every meal, give them a shelf of their own.

Install a Pot Rack

Storing pots in cupboards and drawers is awkward. They rarely stack well and take up a lot of space. Additionally, searching for the one you need can make a lot of noise. With a wall-mounted pot rack, you can be as organized as everything else in your apartment kitchen. This will also free up drawer and cupboard space for other items. To eliminate frequent searches for the right lid, invest in a pot lid organizer as well.

Organize Your Recipes

Favorite recipes deserve to be cared for. Create an indexed recipe book with all of your favorite recipes, using photo protectors to keep them from getting splattered or stained while you cook. If you turn to technology whenever you need recipe assistance, keep an iPad stand in your kitchen at all times.

Create a Cooking Zone

When deciding where to store what, try to zone your kitchen by use. For example, cutting boards should be stored within arm’s reach of knives, pressers, and mashers. Pots, pans, other cookware, and spices should be kept on racks or in drawers near your oven. This will make preparing and cooking food, as well as cleanup, more efficient.

Use Space Under the Kitchen Sink

The cabinet under your kitchen sink may not be the best place for you to store cookware and perishable items, but it offers space you can use. Store detergents, gloves, and other cleaning supplies under the sink. If you don’t think there is a logical space for a garbage bin elsewhere, consider storing it under the sink. Achieving the perfect organizational balance in your apartment requires some effort, but the time and hassle you will save make this effort well worth it. Assess your current inventory to decide what containers or other materials you need, and start organizing today. Once you finish, preparing food and passing time in your kitchen will be easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Do you have any creative organization tips that have improved the atmosphere in your apartment? Share them below! Like what you just read? Why not subscribe to the AMLI Blog so you don’t miss another post?

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