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Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Space
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Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Space

Jun 10th, 2016

Living in a small space can have many challenges. But with creativity and clever use of storage units, you can still organize a little home space into a comfortable residence providing multiple uses.

Curtains Must Not Cut Off The Light

Apartment dwellers don’t always have the luxury of spacious rooms and free space. The art of making your small apartment feel bigger could start with a psychological game. To “add” height to your room, hang your curtains high on top of the ceiling, not the top of the window. Your curtains must hang in a manner that leaves the pane clear and also let enough light into your room.

Use Bright Colors and Mirrors

Using wall mirrors to make light bounce around will make your compact city home appear big. You can tuck some reflective glass at the corners too. Paint your walls bright colors (with your landlord or apartment managers permission of course) and use bright bulbs to reduce darkness.

Choose Fold-Away and Multi-Purpose Furniture

Having furniture pieces you can fold or rearrange in a snap will help you to maximize your apartment space. With innovative furniture designs, you can have fold-away dining units and seating that serve as storage.

Get Creative with Storage Units

Are you up for a DIY project? Try building storage cabinets for dishes in the kitchen to create extra space. You can also add storage units in a small living room to help organize and arrange books, magazines, and household items that may clutter the room.

If you live in a studio apartment, go an extra mile and install beautifully-designed storage units under a sofa, dining room table, or living room tables. The designer cabinets will never take up space as you will only use the existing furniture. If this isn’t an option for you, look into renting storage units near your apartment to help you save space.

Instead of having freestanding wall units that are expensive, you can maximize your small apartment area with the less expensive built-ins. The built-in storage will also serve several functions including a work station, TV or home theater station.

Just because you have a limited amount of space, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. Make your small space work harder with these smart solutions to make it look and feel bigger.

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