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5 Simple Kitchen Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

Oct 19th, 2018

Cooking in your apartment should make you feel good! But if you’re at the point where ordering takeout is more of a prerogative than spending time in your kitchen, then it’s time to make some updates. We have some easy tricks to spruce up the kitchen in your apartment to make it more personalized and practical without any heavy lifting. Here are a few simple apartment kitchen decorating tips that are painless for anyone to turn their kitchen into a chefs paradise.

Remove clutter

A clean kitchen is an inviting place to cook meals for yourself and your family. Remove everything from your kitchen counters other than the items you are using regularly and what’s most important to you. Go through your kitchen cabinets and drawers and donate (or toss) anything that you haven’t used recently. Many of us have more small kitchen appliances and faded coffee mugs than we really need. It will feel good to clear out space so you’re cabinets are not filled to max capacity.

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Incorporate plants and flowers

Flowers and plants can relieve stress and improve our well-being, so why not bring nature indoors! Place plants and fresh flowers in your kitchen to add a pop of color to any space. Try adding potted plants or a small herb garden near a window, or pick up a bouquet of flowers at your local farmers market. These small atmospheric touches may encourage you to cook more at home and enjoy your time in the kitchen.

Swap hardware

Switching out the hardware on your cabinets and drawers is one of the easiest ways to customize your kitchen and one that makes a significant statement. Swap out your knobs, handles and drawer pulls and you’ll be in for a big change. Always make sure to hang on to the original hardware, though—that way you can replace it before you move out.

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Personal style

You don’t have to do any major DIY projects to add your own personal style to your apartment’s kitchen. Leave your market on the cheap by hanging a small print or two on the wall, getting some fun magnets for your fridge, add a colorful rug on the floor or displaying your favorite teapot on the stove. Even simply adding your favorite color dish towel can make a big impact.

Add storage

Having extra storage helps to keep your counters clutter-free and also increases space in your cabinets so they are not overflowing. Try adding a rolling kitchen island with a built-in cutting board, a small rolling cart or a storage hutch where you can store small appliances, cookbooks, cocktail utensils and other kitchen necessities. If you don’t have room for something that big, invest in containers and drawer dividers, or hang pots, pans or utensils on the wall.

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apartment kitchen decorating tips

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