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Six DIY Apartment Updates That Won't Jeopardize Your Lease
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Six DIY Apartment Updates That Won't Jeopardize Your Lease

Aug 21st, 2015

From access to community amenities to the near absence of maintenance responsibilities, apartment life has a host of advantages. As far as downsides are concerned, some residents worry there’s little scope for altering their apartment’s design.

However, there are several ways you can switch up the look or functionality of your space that won’t violate your apartment lease.

Change Wall Color

The colors and patterns of the walls in your apartment can have a major impact on the design of your space. If you want to bring life to white walls or cast out one color in favor of another, consider self-adhesive, removable wallpaper. If you want to paint some of the walls in your apartment, this may also be an option. Just be sure to speak with your landlord or apartment community representative before starting the project.

Lay Down an Area Rug

Have wall-to-wall carpet and want a  change? Or maybe there’s ugly tile in your apartment? No, you can’t go and replace tile with wood floors or even the carpet, but area rugs are an option. They’re a great way to cover up the floors you don’t like or change the look of your bedroom, dining room, or living room.

Treat Your Windows

How do you feel about the curtains in your apartment? If they’re not your favorite, get some new curtains and hang them up. They can help unify a theme in your apartment’s decor or offer you more privacy. If too much light has been creeping into your apartment this summer, you may even want to consider blackout curtains.

Introduce a Rolling Kitchen Island

Kitchen remodels are popular among homeowners of single-family homes. While apartment owners can’t remodel their kitchen, adding a rolling  island or butcher block is most likely in line with your lease agreement and can make your kitchen feel freshly renovated. This is an apartment update to consider if your kitchen is spacious but lacks food prep space.

Swap Out Light Fixtures

Not a fan of the overhead light in your apartment? Another update you can tackle without worrying about your lease is switching out an existing light fixture for one you like better. If you do this, be sure to keep the original lighting fixtures on hand so you can make the swap again when you move out.

Replace Hardware

Along similar lines, switch up cabinet knobs, drawer handles, and other carpentry hardware in your apartment. Just like with light fixtures, you should hang on to the original hardware and replace it before you move out.

Making your apartment feel like home is all about personalizing your space and tweaking it to suit your preferences. If you’re due for any apartment updates, don’t rule it out just because you worry the changes you want to make will violate your lease. Look closely at your lease agreement, chat with community representatives, and make apartment upgrades that are tailored to your tastes and work within the framework of that agreement.

Have you made any apartment upgrades you’d recommend to others? Share in the comments below.

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