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Try these renter-friendly smart home gadgets.
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6 Useful Smart Home Gadgets for Renters

Nov 17th, 2017

Smart home technology is revolutionizing the way we engage with and control home appliances, accessories, lighting, and more. Some smart devices and systems require the sort of structural changes and hardwiring that renters should avoid. But the smart home market features plenty of renter-friendly gadgets that facilitate the convenience, savings, and peace of mind for which smart home technology is known. Here are six useful smart-home devices that are unlikely to violate your lease agreement. If there’s ambiguity about whether something could get you into trouble, consult management before installing.

Automation Control Hub

A smart home hub streamlines automated gadgets for easier smartphone or voice control. Today’s leading control hubs are Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomeKit, and Samsung’s SmartThings. Choose the hub that’s compatible with the greatest number of smart home gadgets you currently use or intend to buy.

Smart Plugs

A Belkin WeMo Smart Plug or iSwitch can automate just about any plug-in device or accessory in your apartment. But smart plugs work best with devices with physical controls that don’t reset each time they’re turned off work best. Simply plug the gadget into an outlet, link it to your phone, and set connected devices to your preferred settings. Now you can control your smart plug connected devices from anywhere.

Easy-Install Smart Lights

Smart LED bulbs are among the field’s better developed gadgets. For just 0, purchase a TP-Link bulb you can turn on, off, dim, or brighten via your smartphone or home assistant. Splurge on Philips Hue smart light kit, and you can enjoy the same benefits with color-changing bulbs. The Nanoleaf Aurora, a design-centric product composed of triangular, color-changing LED panels, is another hot renter-friendly smart home gadget.

Standalone Security Kits

Security is one of the smart home technology’s most dynamic sectors. Renters looking to beef up their apartment security have several security monitoring options that don’t require drilling or hardwiring. Canary and Piper NV provide plug-and-play home surveillance solutions unlikely to violate a lease agreement. If you’re tech-savvy, you can also build your own DIY smart home security system with iSmartAlarm or Simplisafe.

Interactive Pet Cameras

Do you ever wish you could communicate with your dog while you’re at work? If you’ve received complaints about barking or your dog has separation anxiety, keep tabs with a Furbo Dog Camera. This smart home gadget sends notifications to your phone when your dog barks. The camera-enabled device sends video footage to your phone, and allows you talk to your dog in return. If your dog obeys a command, you can instruct the Furbo to toss a treat. The pet camera holds hundreds of small dog treats.

Wireless Speaker Systems

It’s 2017. If you appreciate high-quality sound and aren’t yet enjoying it throughout your apartment, it might be time. Sonos‘ easy-to-install, immersive wireless speaker system lets you listen to anything from any speaker-equipped room in your apartment. Compatibility with Alexa means you never have to worry about manually controlling playback, volume, or power.

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