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Spotify is Spot On For the Music Lover

Jan 18th, 2013

I love music.  Right now, I’m listening to the new Florence and the Machine album and I’m truly jamming.  After this, I think I’ll go check out my friend Jillian’s playlist; she always has some great stuff.  Of course, that is if I don’t get sidetracked by the millions of tracks that are literally at my fingertips.  Spotify, you are the best thing to happen to music since ol’ Emile Berliner invented the disc record.

If you don’t know what Spotify is and you love music, then this article probably just made your day.  Gone are the days of us lugging around our vinyl collection (hey, I’m old school), or popping in a CD and being limited to its 15 tracks, or even being restrained to the 16 GBs of music we can fit on our phones.  Those days are behind us.  With Spotify, a FREE music streaming service that was introduced to the U.S. earlier this year, you have millions of songs you can play from your computer or your mobile device, whenever your musical heart desires.

So no matter what you feel like listening to, you’ll most likely find it free to stream on Spotify.  And they make it so easy that my Grandma, if she owned a computer, could use this service.  Browse by artist, album, record label, genre, or search for exactly the song you have been dying to hear.

So tonight, I’ll peruse through my friend’s playlists, methodically trying to find my new favorite song.  As I search, I’ll add songs to my own playlists for the office and for my nightly runs, and I’ll share these delicious symphonic singles with my Facebook friends in search of a tune that will sing to their soul.

So thanks Spotify.  You’ve made it easier to find great new artists, reminisce with the bands I loved in high school, and to share my musical tastes with the world.  If you haven’t tried Spotify yet, maybe you should set down your cassette tape and join the rest of us in 2013.  You’ll be happy here; it’s the new hot spot, and the music is really good.


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