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Stay Warm at These Five Evanston Cafes
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Stay Warm at These Five Evanston Cafes

Dec 23rd, 2015

When the weather outside is frightful, and hot cocoa or coffee sounds delightful, there are some great Evanston cafes for you to go. So cozy up, brave the snow, and indulge!

Brothers K Coffeehouse

Since 2005, the Brothers K Coffeehouse has been warming the hearts and fueling the minds of Evanston’s hardest workers. Brian and John Kim, the brothers behind the name, pride themselves first and foremost on serving great coffee and second on running a sustainable and fair-minded business. You’ll have no trouble feeling good about the Brazilian, Mexican, Nicaraguan, or Sumatran coffee you drink here. This Evanston Cafe is just a five-minute walk from AMLI Evanston.

Blind Faith

Hot chocolate, chai lattes, and hot espresso drinks can warm you up at Blind Faith, a popular vegetarian restaurant that just happens to have a cafe for coffee and cocktails. While not a traditional cafe, Blind Faith’s extensive food and drink menus make it a great place to pass a brief winter storm. This Certified Green Restaurant is a three-minute drive from AMLI Evanston or an eight-minute ride on the Purple Line.

Brue Coffee

When Starbucks left the Main Commons shopping center early in the year, it wasn’t long before the announcement came that a new, independent coffee shop would emerge in its stead. Asada Coffee Roasters and Mad Monk Tea, the companies that provide Brue with the beans and leaves for its beverages, are deeply committed to ecological and ethical integrity. The space at Brue Coffee is great for working in the morning, and catching up with colleagues or friends after a long day at the office.

Little Beans Cafe

If you’re looking for a cafe where you can sip liquid energy and be productive while your kids play to their hearts’ content, check out Little Beans Cafe. The spacious Evanston cafe boasts two large play areas, and a full-drink menu is matched by pastry, snack, and lunch menus, all designed with adults and children in mind. If you’re familiar with the Little Beans concept from the original location in Lincoln Park, be sure to give the family-friendly cafe’s new location a try. It’s less than a mile from AMLI Evanston.

Dollop Coffee and Hoosier Mama Pies

If the windchill has you cooped up inside, but you’re craving that warm coffee-shop ambiance, you just might be able to brave the cold for the few seconds (they are in the same building) it takes to walk from AMLI Evanston to Dollop. Mexican hot cocoa and frothy lattes can warm your core. Sweet and savory Hoosier Mama Pies can sate your appetite. The spacious and warm environment is inviting, the sort of wide-tabled space where you can read, write, or sip coffee with friends while you laugh in the face of the biting wind and falling snow outside. Until you have to step back into it, anyway.

Does independent, fair-trade coffee taste better to you? Would you like to spend the next snowstorm safe and sound in a place with enough coffee, tea, and food on hand to keep you going until the storm passes? Check out these great Evanston cafes near your apartment. Each of them has something special to offer.

What’s your favorite Evanston cafe? Share in the comments.

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