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best plants for your dark apartment
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The Best Plants for Dark Apartments

Sep 20th, 2018

We all know that plants need sunlight to grow. So, what can you do if your apartment gets very little light during the day hours? Luckily, there are many houseplants that thrive with indirect sun or even in full shade. Adding a few houseplants brings in beauty, texture and good energy into your apartment—and it’s easy to do! Here are some of the best plants for your dark apartment.

Snake plant

This easy-care houseplant has sword-like (or snake-like!) straight leaves and comes in a variety of sizes. Snake plants thrive in low light—just be sure not to over water. Many low-light plants, including this one, do better when the soil has time to get completely dry.

Peace lily

Native to the more tropical areas of the Americas, the peace lily is a perennial with leaves and stems that rise directly from the soil. These plants don’t need direct sun, but prefer indirect light from a nearby window, making these ideal indoor plants. They also clean some common contaminants from the air.

Parlor palm

This popular houseplant has rich green, slender leaves. The parlor palm loves low-light and shaded areas of your home. Too much direct sun can cause drying and possibly lead to pests or other problems. This plant prefers areas with high humidity, so your kitchen or bathroom is a good place for this plant.

ZZ plant

The zamioculcas zamifolia, or ZZ plant, is the ideal plant for the lazy plant owner. It’s extremely forgiving because it handles low light and very little watering. The ZZ plant is a slow grower and can live in one pot for many years. Make sure to clean the leaves every so often to avoid dust collection. The ZZ has beautiful glossy leaves that will add beauty to any home.


This is arguably the easiest houseplant to grow and one of the best houseplants for improving air quality. Pothos tolerate low to medium light conditions and even do well under fluorescent light. This plant comes in a variety of colors such as golden, marble, neon, blue and more.


Bamboo plants are known to bring good luck and can also be trained to take on certain shapes. You can find braided, looped and other funky styles that will look like a sculpture in your apartment. While bamboo does well in low-light, it does like a little sun during mid-summer, which is its growing season.

Ponytail palm

The whimsical ponytail palm has a thick trunk and a topknot of thin, straw-like leaves. It’s common to find this plant in a variety of sizes, all the way from small table-top-sized to full on tree-sized. The ponytail palm is an easy-care houseplant because the base stores moisture and can go for weeks without a fresh drink. It’s very adaptable and can grow in a variety of light conditions from low light to full sun.

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best plants for your dark apartment

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