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Smartest Laundry Hack you Must Try
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The Simplest, Smartest Laundry Hack you Must Try

Sep 14th, 2018

Drying clothes in your apartment can be a pain. You don’t have a big backyard to put up a clothesline and hang items out to dry. We all have thin or fragile clothing items that we wouldn’t dare put in a dryer machine. Or maybe you don’t have a dryer at all. Whatever your clothes-drying situation happens to be, we have a fantastic laundry day hack that will get your clothes dry fast, avoid damage and shrinking and that’s friendly to our planet.

Drying racks are one of the smartest laundry tools you must try! There are a number of compact drying racks available that will save you space and energy. Here are a few solutions and tips to consider for your next laundry day.

Adjustable drying racks

This stainless steel clothing rack adjusts to size and folds up for compact storage, giving you ample room to dry a full load of laundry. This rack is even rust proof, so you can use it either indoors or outdoors without worrying about rust damage. This simple wooden clothes drying rack is another option. It’s foldable for compact storage and is easy to move from room to room.

Fixed drying racks

Check out this versatile system for hanging laundry near your washing machine or anywhere it might be needed. This rack mounts to the wall and the brackets can be arranged and moved around to fit any sort of clothing item from small to large. It’s affordable, easy to assemble and perfect for small spaces.

Placement in home

It’s best if you can put your drying rack somewhere with a breeze, like near a window. For most materials, the breeze will help them dry quickly and gently. Avoid putting your drying racks near radiators or heating vents. Exposing your clothing to that much direct heat can cause damage and weaken the clothing’s fibers over time.

Placement of clothes

When placing your clothing on your drying rack, place smaller items like socks and shorts near the bottom of the rack and bigger items near the top. Using this system helps increase airflow, which helps everything dry faster. Another thing to consider is giving your clothing enough room so they are not touching each other or overlapping.


It’s important to hang your clothing as quickly as possible after the load has finished in the washing machine. Leaving your damp clothing in the washing machine for more than one hour can create unpleasant mold-like smells. This smell can linger even after the clothing has fully dried. Placing your clothing on the drying rack quickly will also help your clothing to not crease or get stiff.

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Smartest Laundry Hack you Must Try

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